A quick trip to Nashville

Within an hour of arriving at my friend Joel’s house, he had his boat in the water and we were cruising Percy Priest Lake just south of Nashville.

What a perfect day for the lake!

My other friend Steve joined us at the lake.

I have missed these guys so much! I worked with both of them in Nashville.

Well…actually, the story goes back even further than that. I took a job that required that I move to the Los Angeles area for 3 months. While I was there I met Steve. He had lived in LA for several years and showed me the ropes (and good places to dine).

Turned out that Steve had also lived in Atlanta and we knew several of the same folks. It’s such a small world… When the company we worked for relocated to Nashville, we all moved there together. None of us had friends there, no family, we didn’t know the cool parts of town or the great restaurants.

So while these guys were my coworkers, we became like a little family for one another. They were my support system while my husband was in Iraq, they were my pals as we navigated the Nashville scene, they were my travel companions, they were my brothers!

Then Joel bought a boat! He introduced us to the boat scene on Percy Priest Lake. This photo was taken in “Party Cove”. It’s so fun, friends hook their boats together so they can all hang out in the cove together.

We spent the whole afternoon cruising the lake and eating our traditional goat cheese and apple butter crackers. It’s a long story…but to sum it up, once Steve offered to bring food and I was like, yeah, I want more than raw hot dogs and Doritos…I’ll bring food! They made fun of me because I brought the goat cheese/apple butter combo. So it became a lake tradition.

After the lake, I went with Joel and Clint to meet Steve, Norma, Rick and Joe for dinner. It was a blast, I can honestly say it did not seem like a year had passed since I last saw all my friends.

I stayed with Joel and Clint…and their dog Alli.

Isn’t she a cutie? She and her sister Ella were on the side of the road…Clint brought them home and now they are their little babies.

Ella is so pretty, but she is incredibly difficult to photograph. Her coat is a very deep black, I had to use a flash just to show any detail. And she moves very fast, this is the only photo I caught of her that wasn’t blurred.

And this was my morning wake up call, Katie the kitty. Her eyes are so cute, she looks like she is always surprised.

It was a quick trip, up to Nashville on Saturday and home on Sunday. I’m so glad that all the boys were in town and able to do a last-minute dinner. And the lake was a blast.

Now I need to convince them all to head down to the North Georgia Mountains for a weekend of fun.


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4 thoughts on “A quick trip to Nashville

  1. It looks like you had so much fun! What wonderful friends…and I’d probably make fun of the goat cheese/apple butter thing, too. Sorry 😉 (But secretly I’d be jealous that I couldn’t create things like that!)

    Those dogs are beautiful, BTW. And it IS hard to photograph black dogs…I’m struggling with that myself. 🙂


  2. The dogs are adorable! It’s remarkable – Ella looks *exactly* like my dog – at least in the face. We think our dog is half Dutch Shepherd, half cattle dog. She’s got the blue merle just like Alli’s coloring on her chest and legs.

    Sweet post!

  3. Sounds like an awesome time. It’s great ya’ll have stayed friends.

  4. Oh my goodness. I love ALli. She is adorable. So is Ella. But I am fond of Queenslands
    as you know, your Nate and my Stormy look just alike. How adorable. And Katie the
    kittie. How fun. Sounds like you had a blast even if it was a short visit. Good for you.

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