Football, Chic Lit & Goo Gone

I don’t know about y’all…but I sure am glad to see the return of college football!

I predict that our Saturday’s from now until January will be filled with “TOUCHDOWN” and “Awwww c’mon. My granny coulda run that faster!”. Yes, that’s the sofa coaching that happens in my house.

And I should tell you so that my sister and father don’t disown me…we’re not University of Georgia fans. They both went to Georgia Tech, which is UGA’s biggest rival. But GT isn’t on TV today, and UGA is, so that’s what I’m watching.

For those of you rolling your eyes and sighing a heavy puff of air from your lungs…don’t worry. This blog will not turn into football highlight central. Instead, I’m going to share with you the girliest, most mind-numbing chic-lit ever written.

And I loved it!!!

This was written by the very popular author of “Bergdorf Blondes”. I loved that book. It is in the same vein as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Nanny Diaries”. You’re literary IQ probably will not increase after reading these books, but for me it’s a great escape. Especially living here in the country, it’s fun to read about big city life. I like all of the name dropping and dreamy vacations, it’s just fun.

Now, unrelated to the content of this book…when I purchased this, there was a sticker on the edge. I foolishly ripped it off assuming that it would just peel off.

Wrong! Instead, an annoying, sticky, grody residue was left on the cover.

Yes, that’s my hair stuck to it. GROSS! I know, I’m totally high-strung, some may say high-maintenance, others may even say neurotic. Whatever, having sticky, icky places on my books just won’t do.

So out comes one of my very most favorite cleaning products. Have you used Goo Gone? It is amazing, seriously.

Bugs on your car window that won’t wash off? Goo Gone.

Caked on soap scum in your black Vegas style bathtub? (Oh, I’m the only one with a black tub?) Well…still…Goo Gone.

And my favorite – streaks that just won’t wash off of your stainless steel appliances? Goo Gone!

Sticky stuff on a book? Goo Gone.

I bet you are scratching your head wondering how in the world I’ve traveled from college football to chic literature to Goo Gone.

That my friends is the beauty of blogging!


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7 thoughts on “Football, Chic Lit & Goo Gone

  1. My mother LOVES Goo Gone. Whenever we ask her for a tip on how to clean something…..the reply is, “Have you tried Goo Gone?” That is sometimes even her response when we haven’t asked her opinion. I am pretty sure that all of us kids have gotten a small bottle of Goo Gone left at our house “accidentally” by our mom. I have to admit that I have become a believer….everytime I try 5 other things to get something clean and then finally remember to try Goo Gone…..I think to myself….why didn’t I just try this first?!?!?

    And as a transplant to Georgia….we from up North….just don’t get the college football thing…but it was made crystal clear to us soon after we moved that we had better at least “pretend” to care or we would really be ostracized by the locals!!! 😉

  2. Yes, college football is what fall is all about here in the south. And it’s fierce!

  3. Pat Luther on said:

    I’m just glad that Georgia doesn’t play Alabama this year . Having a child that graduated from Georgia married to a man that attended Alabama could be a disastrous thing in a family, especially the way we southerners feel about our college football.
    We have extended family that also live in Alabama, so it has been the BIG game for awhile around here.

  4. Loved Nanny Diaries and am glad for the book tip!

    Goo Gone is awesome!!! I just used it this morning myself. My Mom also swears by Krud Kutter.

    You have a black tub? Wow…

    • Oh the black tub was certainly a hot selling point when we purchased the house last year. Especially since it is coupled with bright brass shiny fixtures. I’ll have to do a post about my vegas style bathroom…
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  5. Goo gone rocks. Im with you. Cant read a book with that nasty sticky
    stuff on it. Will not do.

  6. COLLEGE Football Rules!!! My son played college ball and my youngest son (the actor) was “allowed” to play his HS freshman year. He’s meaner than an outhouse dog, but too small to play any longer. BUT BOY DO THEY LOVE TO WATCH.
    Goo Gone – what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

    CHIC LIT – is my specialty. I’m glad you endorsed Plum Sykes. I am a used book sale junkie so I have several of hers but haven’t read them yet.

    Nice round post. If the fam is watching a boring football game, I always have some chic lit handy. Then, if things perk up I close the book and resume watching 🙂
    city mom

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