Sunday with Nigel

It’s Sunday, and it is the first cool morning we’ve had here in Georgia.

Nigel always looks for little slivers of sun when he is chilly, which he found in the foyer this morning.

This very well may be my favorite photo of my cute little blind wiener dog. He amazes me, how can he find these little pieces of sun peeking through the window? He can’t see them, his little body is so sensitive that he can feel the heat. He will move through out the morning, as the sun shifts – he shifts to follow the heat.

I do know that he’s just a dog… but he sure is a really special dog to me. I love my Nigel.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday with Nigel

  1. Man that gets ya in the heart dont it? How precious is that photo. He is darling.
    We get so dang attached to these amazing creatures God has intrusted to our care.

  2. I love your blind little wiener dog, Nigel, too! We only had big, outside, hunting dogs when I was growing up…but our friends from church had a wiener dog that I dearly coveted!!!! Wasn’t it great sleeping weather last night? We had our windows open….ah, night sounds again!

  3. That’s so sweet…it reminds me of Ginger. She loved finding patches of warm sun throughout the day, too. Nigel is such a cutie.

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