Labor Day Makeovers

I literally could not photograph all of the makeup in a single shot! You would be absolutely amazed with the quantity of beauty products two 13-year-old girls can manufacturer from bags, caboodles, boxes, purses, pockets…

There’s more high-end make up on my dining room table than I think I’ve ever owned in my whole life. There’s M*A*C*, Chanel, Bare Minerals and more.

We didn’t just get to play in this stuff, we had our very own stylists to teach us how to use it all!

This is the friend of Susan’s daughter, and she looks just like me. There is no relation…but trust me, when I was 13 this is what I looked like.

And the girl is wicked with a powder brush, just look at her go! Susan was a pretty palette for which this artist to create her magic.

And this was my stylist, Susan’s daughter. She was rolling her eyes at her dad because she had just realized that he and my husband had made a game out of her saying, “Like”. She was giving me instruction as she applied my face, and I have to say she was really good with the tutorial. But she did say, “Like”, a lot. And the boys caught on and had their own little game going which turned into loud laughter and totally interrupted her work.

This really is not a good photo of her work. This was several hours later, I had sweated and forgotten about my makeup and wiped my brow with my sleeve. We had cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire and by this point we had been outside for 3 hours. But for all of that, the make up held up pretty well!

Why didn’t she pluck my eyebrows? That obviously is long past due.

Wow, why did I put that close up photo on here? I need skin rejuvenation.

Then the teenage girls did what teenagers do…they lounged on the couch watching “Twilight”.

All us old folks sat outside enjoying the newly cool night air.

Susan’s family spent Sunday night with us and all day Monday at the pool. Probably our last pool-day, and it was so much fun. Those girls are ROUGH! Both are athletes, both are competitive, and  neither are shy about throwing elbows to get the ball. We played volleyball, keep-away, we wrestled and splashed.

Having friends whose kids have grown up in front of me is a powerful thing when I stop and think about it. I remember when Susan’s first daughter was born. I met her for the first time in her nursery which was decorated with fluffy pink curtains and a little princess crib holding the prettiest little girl you had ever seen.

She was still in diapers when I heard her first sentence, “Mama, I wanna baf in da baf-tub.” I looked at Susan to see if I had heard her right, this little 2-year-old was saying full sentences???

I went to college with her mom, I went on a double date with her mom and dad and one of his friends before they ever married, I went to their wedding, I held her when she was a wee little baby, she played beauty parlor at my wedding shower, I took her to Chuck E. Cheese and then she and I got pedicures together and she fell asleep in the massage chair. She’s not supposed to be 13 already, and 14 in a month… She’s supposed to stay little forever!

Prior to Susan’s arrival, my other girlfriend Jody stopped in to say hello. She brought her lovely daughter who just turned two.

She speaks really well too, she knew “deer”, “dog”, “pweez”, “tank you”, “mama, I want”.

Jody and I have known one another for more than 10 years. We met at work and have worked at 3 different places together. She’s a smart woman, a determined woman and she’s a great mom.

I know it is coming, and it will be here before I know it, that she too will be 13-years-old, almost 14, and my heart will break a little. She will have pefectly coiffed curls and I will just want to run my fingers through the ringlets the way she let me when she was a baby. She may even roll her eyes at her dad.

Having friends for life is wonderful. They allow me to witness their lives change and mature, as they do the same with me.

If I am ever blessed with children, I will teach them this. Your friends will be by your side when even your daddy and I can’t be, they will carry you through marriage and children and illness and challenge and they will laugh with you, cry with you and they will let you see their weakest moments and let you fall apart in front of them just to pick you up again. You will get more out of your friendships than you can ever put into them…

I am a lucky woman to have such great friends with such beautiful children.


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4 thoughts on “Labor Day Makeovers

  1. okay….this one made me cry…..i love you friend

  2. I got advice from someone before we moved to Georgia – that the best I could do was to forge purposeful friendships when we got here – because they were going to become my family. I had been spoiled by having family close by for most of my adult life….it has been an adjustment….but now, I think I appreciate the friendships I have even more.

    Next time they come over be sure to take actual before and after shots for all of us to see!!!

  3. Great post! I also am blessed to have wonderful friens that have been in my life for many years! My “bff” and I have been friends for 33 yrs! We went through our teen years, dating, weddings, births, deaths, and now she is a *gasp* Nana! My oldest friend and I have known each other since 1st grade ** years ago 😉 We’ve also been through lots of things together. Now once a year the 3 of us have a girl’s weekend! Great fun! Next month all 3 couples will be spending a weekend in the mountains. Looking forward to lots of fun and laughs!

    You are very blessed to have longtime friends in your life, as I’m sure they are just as blessed for knowing you.

  4. Nice Post. True girlfriends are integral to our well being. They are so hard to find. I think it’s marvelous the way some women remain friends for a lifetime. I’ve not been that fortunate, but I have had the same “pack” of friends for about 6 years now.

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