David Yurman Junkie

Have I mentioned how much I love David Yurman Jewelry?

Well, allow me to take a moment… I love David Yurman Jewelry.

 Thank you for your time. Goodbye.

I really do love their products. And I love their customer service. I have never dealt with a company that not only stands behind their products so steadfastly, but also truly cares about their customer’s happiness.

I was able to return earrings that I had purchased and was unable to wear. My husband went with me and helped me select a new necklace and bracelet.

I already had these two hard-cable bracelets, and we selected this new oval chain bracelet to compliment the other two.

I am becoming a David Yurman junkie. I love that their pieces are casual enough to wear with jeans, but nice enough to present with a suit. I have worn these hard-cable bracelets for years and they have never gone out of style. I still get compliments on them all these years later.

And when I say they can be worn casually, what I meant to say is that I wear them almost daily with my shorts and flip flops on my regular trip to the Wally World. They are my safety blanket, even if I look like a slob I know I have pretty jewelry.

And this is an anniversary gift from my husband. He saw this and said that I absolutely had to have it, he loves it. And who am I to disagree with a man with exceptional taste in jewelry???

I love it too. And I love him. Our anniversary is on September 13th.

I’m off to admire all of my new bobbles…

***I should note that there is no incentive for praising David Yurman Jewelry, they have no idea who I am or that this blog exists. I have simply stated my experience with this company.


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3 thoughts on “David Yurman Junkie

  1. Love, love, love your new bling!!!! I am a big jewelry fan too and now I am just going to HAAAAVVEE to look up his stuff! Really loving the new cross!!! I am a girl who would sell her soul for a good cross! Wait, that didn’t sound right at all, LOL, well you know what I mean!!! Great job Hubby!!!!

    • You made me laugh for real…selling your soul. Ha. The cross is part of the confetti collection and it comes in multiple colors. I came realllly close to getting the green, but hubby put his foot down on the black b/c he loved it so much. But the other colors are gorgeous too. And it is a big cross, perfect for heavier sweaters this winter or for lower necklined blouses. I really do love it 🙂
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  2. I believe that one of your current ads initiated my internet browser to resize, you might well want to get that on your blacklist.

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