Flying Our Flag

This is the flag we fly on July 4th.

And Veteran’s Day.

And on September 11th.

And on March 3rd, and October 7th, and December 1st…we fly this flag every day. Because every day we are truly proud to be Americans.

My husband goes to work every single day with devotion so deep in his heart to this ol’ land of ours. He believes in his responsibility to keeping us safe, protecting my family and yours.

When we got married, my dad who is a veteran, asked if we had an American flag. I told him that I didn’t think we did. He shamed me and said that I best get out first thing to buy my family a flag. My husband immediately took such pride in displaying it on the front of our home. He treats that flag like a family member, he truly appreciates seeing its silken fabric and bold colors flying in the breeze when he comes home each day.

As we were watching the news this morning, remembering 9/11, my husband whispered under his breath…”The day that changed everything”.

We will never forget not only the tragedy, but the heroic men and women that give of themselves in so many different ways to make America the wonderful and glorious place we call home.


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2 thoughts on “Flying Our Flag

  1. Amen! Ours flys everyday too! It always strikesme as a little strange when everyone puts them up for the holidays, and then they take them down!! So I know they have one, and I have to wonder why it isn’t flying everyday! Even today, I haven’t seen alot of homes flying them. Remember right after 9/11 people were mad because they were sold out everywhere. My response was always, why don’t you already own one!!!! Guess it’s a military spouse thing ; ) We’re willing to sacrifice our hubby’s for this country and I’m damn proud of the job they all do every single day!
    Tell yours I said thank you for his service, and thank YOU for serving right along with him!

  2. I second that Amen! A wonderful post.

    And thank you to your hubby for serving our country…there’s nothing more honorable. Also, as the wife of a military man, you deserve huge credit, too. It cannot be easy for either of you but I am so grateful.

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