Anniversary & Punishment

I apologize for my absence yesterday. I was quite busy as it was our anniversary.

I was busy cooking a huge meal for my beloved.

Oh wait, no…I didn’t do that. I made him take me out.

Oh I know, I was busy making him a gorgeous gift.

Oh…no…he wanted new uniforms which we ordered last week. Such a romantic gift huh?

I’m sure I was soooo busy because I was getting the house super clean so my husband would remember what a perfect and gracious wife I am.

Yeah, no…that was NOT it.

Instead I spent my day thinking of how I would “punish” my husband for doing something forbidden. Something so unspeakable I’m not sure I will be able to conjure up the strength to share it with all of you…

Heavy, audible sigh… My husband paid $3 to get cash out of an ATM machine.

I KNOW!!! RIGHT??? It’s horrible, but please don’t judge him based on this one poor decision. He and I have had several discussions about how I clip $.10 coupons, so paying money to get cash out of a machine thwarts all of our efforts to save money. And it’s silly, he drives by 4 different ATM’s that are free for us on his way to work. To get cash at a gas station is lazy and we can’t afford to waste our money like that.

I just gave you my lecture that he has heard from me at least a dozen times. And still, this behavior continues…

The problem with being married to someone, being so closely connected to another human being is that we know how to push each other’s buttons. Sometimes it’s the funny, friendly buttons and it’s not such a bad thing. Sometimes it’s the motivating, get-things-done button.

But then there’s that button that we all know about. The one that you really shouldn’t push unless you are certain you want that reaction.

The annoyance button.

I happen to know that my husband’s number one, absolute top pet peeve is something that I just don’t understand or identify with at all. He hates, loathes and any other verb you can think of that means detests empty sugar packets.

Yes, that’s what I said…empty sugar packets. He has the same reaction to labels in clothing. He even tries to rip out my tags, to which I completely freak out and tell him he will rip a hole in my blouse and I run away quickly to hide my label.

Well, when you pay $3 to get cash from an ATM machine, punishment is necessary. A reminder that this is unacceptable behavior, a little mention that you may want to rethink this action in the future. His buttons need a little pushing if you catch my drift…

I have to say, it didn’t have the desired effect. I thought he would immediately grab the wrapper to get it out of his sight as quickly as possible. Instead he burst out laughing and said, “Yeah Alex, you’re sooooo intimidating! I’m not scared of you, bring it on.”

Oh yeah, and happy anniversary dear!

He’s lucky I love him so much… (or maybe I’m the lucky one).


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10 thoughts on “Anniversary & Punishment

  1. Oh, that’s so funny! I fear J.D. and I push the annoyance button far more often than the others!!!

    Empty sugar packets and tags…to each his own, I guess!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! I hope you had lots of fun (wink, wink!)

  2. Sugar packets! How cute. Hope you took him down!
    My DH has a fear of cotton balls! Even the ones in vitamin bottles.

  3. I love real life stories of marriage! Nobody told me those ones before I took the plunge…but I think they are the best ones to share – they give you a nice realistic expectation of marriage.

    And I know that you were very angry about that $3 fee…..rightly so, in my mind! 😉 I think that might be a good post for a lot of us….the things that drive our spouses wild….but don’t for us…and vice versa….interesting….but may cause a few unnecessary fights…so perhaps not.

    Anyway, happy anniversary…hope you made up successfully!

  4. HA! I loved your retaliation. Pure genius. Please tell me you put out at least 20 more empty sugar packets after that reaction! I’d be putting them in his jeans pockets, his sock drawer, stuck to the end of his deodorant when he takes the cap off, etc. You guys are starting to celebrate anniversaries the way The Complete Package and I do. We just celebrated our 28th last week by getting each other…nothing. Not even a card. We’re getting old and lazy, but we still make each other laugh. Happy anniversary! – NB

    • I only used the single packet this time… but if it happens again I LOVE the thought of putting one on his deoderent stick. I warned him he would wake up with them stuck to his face, in EVERY pocket, every shoe, every cubby in his car, a minute would not go by in his day that empty sugar packets wouldn’t end up somewhere. Mooowhahahaha (that’s my attempt at an evil laugh).

  5. Hi there – I found your site through a comment you made on Pioneer Woman. Had to say that I am going to print this post and give it to my husband. Every morning, without fail, he leaves empty sweet and low packets on the counter from his daily cup of coffee. Why I continue to be surprised and annoyed is beyond my comprehension because it happens every. single. day.

    Those little things stick to everything! I think he does it now just because he knows it annoys me. The same reason I don’t put away my folded clothes. HAHAHA

  6. Pat Luther on said:

    Hope you two had a GREAT anniversary. I thought about it all last week and then didn’t even call ya’ll or send a card. I am a terrible Aunt. Your Mom would never have forgotten. At least now I know what to get J for Christmas. Sugar packets here we come!

    • Oh—Pat, you’re wrong. I don’t even try to keep up with birthdays and anniversaries for the next generation! Remember that in Mike’s family, the next generation numbers 30-something, and some of THEM have grown children who have children. So……………It’s OK.

    • You made J’s day with your text about his TV debut! Remembering anniversaries and birthdays aren’t necessary. I am HORRIBLE with dates!!!!

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