Starts with an S, Ends with an O

We all have those childhood stories that we have heard our parents tell about us 1,000 times. The story that was always a crowd favorite when we were kids, the one that they just love to tell boys when we bring them home for dinner.

Lucky for my sister, her story is sweet – about a little girl learning how to spell.


Just a little reminder of my sister these days… Mary Margaret.

I prefer to call her by one of the following nicknames:





Kiddo (this is used most frequently)

And this is my number one, most favorite photo of my sister.  To capture this little gem from my sister cracks me up every single time I see it.

Back story in case you didn’t see it…that woman behind her pushed us all aside during a boat ride so she could stand at the front. Then she stood with her bottom right in our faces for the next half hour. It was hilariously rude, and made for this photo which I will certainly blow up some day for my sister because it is just so awesome.

So back to the story at hand…

I think this is about the age that my kid-sister started spelling. (Side note, this too is a hilarious photo…check out her expression and our hair. AWESOME circa 1980 hair!)

It was a Saturday morning and we were up watching cartoons and ready for breakfast. Mom and dad asked us what we wanted, to which my sister said, “I’ll give you a hint!”.

My parents play along…She continues, “It starts with an S, and ends with an O”.

Hmmm? We are all scratching our heads.

Sausage and an Oreo? Noooooo

Sausage and an Eggo? Noooooo

Sandwich and a Rolo? Nooooooooooooo

“Okay Mary, what starts with an S and ends with an O? We give up…”

As if we were all the stupidest people in the world, Mary rolls her little eyes and sighs heavily then tell all us dummies….

“Sinnamon Ro!”

This is what my sister was wanting… which starts with a C, and ends with an L… but she was so darn cute.

Like I’ve said in several previous posts, my sister is the Queen of One-Liners. I’m thinking that this is where it all began!

Hey Madge, we miss you!


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5 thoughts on “Starts with an S, Ends with an O

  1. Too funny! Makes me want some Sinnamon Ro too!!! Or maybe just their little tub o’ frosting!

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    And my oldest just wanted her waffles waaam!

  3. Ha! That’s really cute.

    The green carpet in the photo of you two as girls…priceless.

    Her expression still cracks me up in the photo on the boat. You really do need to blow it up.

  4. Perfect! I’ll be telling this story at parties. I love Kiddoisms.
    Sinnamon Ro! I could use that for a character name.
    I remember the hair too well, I was in high school while you sat for that lovely portrait 🙂

  5. Well, some things never change, because I still loooove the simmin ro’! (As I prefer to think of it!) Nice pic – what is it with me making stupid faces while being photographed?!

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