Evil allure of Crocs

Do any of you have Crocs?

If not, I suspect it is because you would rather wear a bozo clown wig in public than be seen in something so pedestrian and style defying as a pair of Crocs.

Let me tell you… I share your sentiment.

4 years ago, my mother gave me a pair of Crocs for Christmas.

And they were Smurf blue.

I literally have never worn these, they existed in the back of the closet in the “I can’t bring myself to donate this because I’ve never even worn it before” pile.

AND THEN…I needed waterproof shoes for a trip to the river, so I pulled out the Smurf blue Crocs.

And I wore them.

And I liked them.

Crocs are evil, they are heinously ugly and yet they are the most comfortable shoes ever created.

I’ll admit that I have not yet worn my neon Crocs out in public, but I’ve been tempted a few times. But what has happened? I am looking at tamer colors and different styles of this foam-tastic shoe.

So I have a question – how many of you proudly wear your ugly Crocs in public, and what color do you rock?

If you’re like me and have had your nose in the air towards the evil allure of Crocs, I would say you just gotta wear ’em once and you too will be hooked.


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8 thoughts on “Evil allure of Crocs

  1. you know i wear mine all the time….my favs are my brown ones with the fur liner…love love love them….don’t care how ugly they are…they are comfy and keep my tootsies warm

  2. I will admit, I’m a Croc hater. Have been since they came out. Hate the way they look. Hate when I see a large group of people wearing them at the same time. Hate the idea of all those sweaty feet in rubber shoes. I think the original slip-on clog style is just about the ugliest shoe design I’ve ever seen. It was a fad I was hoping would die very quickly. That said, how can millions of people be wrong? If they were that gross and disgusting, you wouldn’t see so many people wearing them. I’ll admit that maybe it’s me and I just don’t get it. I did once see a pair of Croc flip-flops in pink/brown that caught my attention, but when I went back a few weeks ago, they were gone. Here’s the style: http://www.crocs.com/crocs-athens/10024,default,pd.html?cid=074&cgid=women-footwear-flip-flops I apologize to all the Croc lovers in the world. While I don’t share your passion, I respect your right to choose your own footwear. I can’t see myself ever wearing the slip-on clogs, but I might be persuaded to try the flip-flops some day. Besides, I have size 10 extra-narrow feet, and nobody wants to see that in a wide-toed smurf blue clog, trust me!

  3. I actually sort of succumbed a few months ago. I was waiting for a prescription at CVS and saw their store brand of Crocs….called Doggers. They actually have a sandle version, much less clunky and just as comfy. I would show you a picture, but I don’y know how to attach one. I am not sure what I am going to do for footwear once I am not supposed to wear sandals this winter. I wear my Doggers everywhere and with everything.

  4. Pat Luther on said:

    While shopping for shoes to wear to my daughters wedding last year I found a pair of Croc sandles and this summer I don’t hink I have worn but maybe 2 other pair of shoes. As the lady that bought hers at CVS I don’t know what I’ll do when winter comes. I do have other Crocs but these are the BEST!

  5. I’ve never tried Crocs, but it’s not because I’m a fashion snob (I can barely dress myself)…it’s because I’m LAZY! I’ve just never gone out and gotten a pair. But I hear you can bedazzle them with all sorts of fabulous jewels and I, personally, think that would be AWE-some.

  6. I am a Croc wearer!!! I also take a WHOLE lot of crap for it, haha!! My Sis refuses to go out with me if I’m wearing them (she ends up going, cuz I won’t change shoes). I have 3 pair – red w/fleece lining, pink, and pink w/fleece lining! Now I figured since I was going to wear them. I might as well go all out (I’m that kind of gal) and I got all kinds of Jibbitz and decorated mine! So mine all tell stories of things I love! Yep, I am a 48 yr old woman walking around in pink and/or red crocs with all kinds of stuff on the tops!! They get lots of comments, but hey, they were going to get comments anyway, and they make my feet ohhhhh sooooo happy! And when I look down and see all the fun things that remind me of things I love, that makes me even happier!! Soooo, I say not only wear them, but decorate them, and tell everyone who doesn’t like them to not look, and smile!!!! I even wear them when we go for rides on my hubby’s Harley!! Now that’s a REAL biker chick look for you, hahaha!!!!

  7. It’s nice to know that I am not alone!:) A wonderful friend turned me on to Crocs 4 yrs ago. She has moved on in the fashion world, but I can’t seem to let my Crocs go – no matter how hard I try! I do have a couple of bright colors – generally wear them for gardening or beach vacations. But I have navy, dark olive green, & black – perfect colors to choose from any time I leave the house. Cold weather? Two pairs of socks. Rainy weather? Black w/o the side holes, perfect! Crocs = A Blessing for our feet!:)

  8. MommytoThree on said:

    I wear them to work in!! Plain black, but they go in my washing machine everyday to keep the “gunk” off… and I love them!! I started wearing mine after my son was born when I was paralyzed… had to give up the flip flops, so I opted for these awful shoes that were easy to slip on, waterproof, and breathable… all the things I love about my flip flops (only without the cuteness). My kids wear them as play shoes because they are easy on/off, machine washable, and waterproof…. can’t really beat that for kids, either!!

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