So here I go.

It’s Friday. I have no new photos to share. I have not cooked at all this week. As a matter of fact, what HAVE I done this week??? Um, nothing much! Seriously, I feel like this week didn’t even exist. I went to sleep on Monday, when I woke it was Friday. I literally think this is what happened.

With that said, I think I’ll do one of my favorite random lists…

1. I got a new part-time job! Okay, here’s the honest truth…I wanted a job at this particular store because I get a discount on my very most favorite thing in the world – kitchen gadgets! I’ve been so BORED lately, I can’t wait to start my part-time gig, my first time in retail, I get to talk with and hang out with other folks who love to cook, I am so excited!!! 

2. My girlfriend gave me a loaf of banana-coconut bread. It was delicious, and it is gone now.

3. It is 11:18am and Nigel is still asleep in the bed. I checked on him a few minutes ago and he hasn’t budged since I got up at 9am.

4. I would like to take Nash the fat dog to the lake this weekend. You see…I have no idea if he knows how to swim or not. I would think that he can swim, but he’s so fat he may just float. But I need to know if he can swim, because I really want to take him here next weekend: This is a competition where dogs jump off a platform into a pool to chase a toy. It just looks like something Nash (and I) would really enjoy. You can take dogs that are new to competition and they have trainers there to help you teach them to jump in the water after their toys. How silly and fun!?!

5. Having my anniversary and birthday only a week apart is nice in some ways, but it’s not very nice to our wallet. We have the whole gift thing of course, but on top of that my car tag renews on my birthday. Can you believe my tag was $300??? Highway robbery.

6. I have become a Bravo TV addict. I don’t think there is a show on that station that I don’t love. I’m addicted to Project Runway, although the designers this season don’t seem to be as exciting as year’s past. I can’t miss Rachel Zoe, she’s bananas. I die. You know I’m a sucker for all of the Real Housewives shows.

9. Okay, I’m stopping here. Didn’t I mention earlier that I’m BORED? I mean, I could just go on all day. I feel sorry for people who call me because I don’t want to let anyone off the phone. I’m like WOO HOO someone to talk to other than Nash and Nigel. Yay! So I am really going to stop here. If I don’t end this post here my mom and dad will say I’m just as difficult to get off this blog as I am to get off the phone. And who needs that kind of criticism? So here I go.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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2 thoughts on “So here I go.

  1. Did you husband go away again? How come you are so bored? You can come to my house. There’s lots of junk piled up and you can take whatever you want home with you:)
    Yep, I’m ready to carve a path!

  2. Hi Alex, so happy about your job! Retail can be frustrating, but also very fun. And the discount is a huge plus! It’s good you’re not working at a clothing store because then you sit and fold clothes all day and make everything perfect just in time for someone to come “shop” and mess it all up!

    To answer your question, my birthday is on 9/19 so we’re almost birthday buddies! You’re the first day of fall, right? Happy Birthday!!

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