Silence was bliss

I know y’all have missed me horribly…right? Right? RIGHT???

I have had a wonderful few days. I mentioned that my hubby actually had the weekend off, so I ran him all around.

Friday, for whatever reason, we decided to have a bottle of wine together. Which turned into 2 bottles of wine, and ended with us sitting in our den singing country songs to each other from the ’90’s. Redneck? Perhaps. Well, I guess beer would be more redneck. But the fact that we both know every word to every song that might be found on a Waffle House jukebox probably doesn’t speak volumes for the amount of class oozing from our pores. But whatevs, we had so much fun together. It reminded me that my husband really is my best friend, I love that I can be silly with him and truly have f-u-n.

My sister was in town, so we met up with her Saturday. We went for manicures and pedicures, then we all went to dinner together and ate ourselves into oblivion. It was GREAT.

Then my weekend took a bad, hot turn for the worse. I had tennis Sunday. I made the mistake of going early to watch everyone else play. Well…it was HOT Sunday. 95 degrees kind of hot. There was not a drop of shade anywhere in sight, I didn’t have an umbrella with me to create a bit of shade, I was over an hour from home and regretting my decision only 10 minutes upon my arrival. To make a very long story short, I didn’t get to play until 5 hours after my arrival. Luckily I had a good coat of sunscreen, but I ended the day with a bad burn on my hairline and on the crown of my head. Seems I missed those spots with the sunscreen. And we lost.  

And yesterday was errand running, doctor appointment going, laundry folding, dish doing, and procrastinating grocery shopping. Before I knew it…it’s Tuesday.

More specifically, it’s September 21st. I’m no longer 35, today I say hello to a whole new year. It’s the first day of fall, and my birthday. I don’t mind sharing my celebration with fall, it’s my favorite season after all. And I sure do hope things cool off before my next tennis match next weekend!!!

And now that you’ve read my babbling, you are probably thinking, “Wow, silence was bliss.” It’s my birthday…be nice!


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10 thoughts on “Silence was bliss

  1. I knew there was a reason I liked you! Today is my birthday too! Of course I would be a wee few years older than you.

    September 21st is the best day ever!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    I loved the mental picture of you and your hubby singing to eachother! That’s the sweetest thing…it’s so great that you are best friends! And if you’re not classy, then what does that say about me? We’ve all seen the pictures of the Hummingbird Helmet! 😉

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like an awesome weekend, except for the sunburn and heat stroke. I love those weekends when The Complete Package and I can just hang out and relax together. We just celebrated our 28th anniversary, and we still make each other laugh daily. I think that’s a major key – marry your best friend and make each other laugh daily. Works for us, anyway! Glad you’re back. I did miss you.

  4. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    I guess this means you expect a present from your Mama and me, doesn’t it? It might show up, but then again……….!!!!
    Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter.

  5. Well Happy, happy birthday to you!!!! Glad you got a few days off and it sounds like you had a great time!! Yeah for you!! Maybe you can roll the birthday celebration into the weekend and make it a whole week long ; ) Hope you get lots of good gifts, and a yummy birthday cake!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I don’t think I would have survived having 2 bottles of wine and then spending the day outdoors the next day(well, here in Georgia when it is mid-90’s in mid to late September!)….so, see, you are still a spring chicken because it didn’t bother you!!! You should try staying up all night and cramming something into your skull just to prove that you have still got it!

    Let us know when you start your job and how it goes!

  7. Pat Luther on said:

    Happy birthday to my favorite “First” daughter in our crew. I can just see you and J singing to each other, but the country side of you surprises me. Hope you have a GREAT day. Love you.

  8. I just wonder, if one doesn’t like wearing hats, how does one protect their head from sunburn. Is there a sunscreen that protects your scalp without ruining your hair?

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