Creepy Balloon

Perhaps one’s bed is simply a place to sleep. But for me it is my safe place.

It is the one little spot in the world that is solely my own.

However, this week, this is the view from my resting place…

Is it just me, or is this the creepiest thing in the world???

My kid sister made my birthday so special with a Spongebob balloon and a cupcake. It was so cute and funny and it really did make my day.

Then my husband decided to clip the balloon to the lamp by my bed, so I woke up to Spongebob’s face bobbing around above me.


On a less creepy note, I also got a new lens for my camera! With the fuzziness of this image you might think that I don’t even know how to use my current lens, why would I need a new one?

It is a 50mm which will be really fun for portrait type photography. And you know how I like portraits of my dogs!

As a matter of fact this was the first image I took with my new lens. I have a lot of work to do to learn how to properly use this new tool, but it took a pretty photo of Nigel the wonder dog doing what he does best.

I also got a new book, ‘Freedom’ by Jonathon Franzen. I’m only 75 pages into this 600 page odyssey, but so far it is AWESOME. It is the latest on Oprah’s booklist. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it turns out.

And my parents sent me new jeans. Woo hoo! I can’t wait for cooler weather to wear them. These jeans have built in tummy control, that means I can have another piece of birthday cake.

I will leave you all with this…

May creepy balloons hover over your bed tonight.

Muwhahahaha (my attempt at an evil laugh).


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7 thoughts on “Creepy Balloon

  1. Not to add to your fear, but I think SpongeBob just winked at me. Seriously. You might want to move him to the Living Room tonight.


  2. I must admit, I have never liked Spongebob! My grandkids however, LOVE him, and LOOOVVEEE to tease me with him sooo, I fear one day I too may wake up to this! Haha! It is creepy but at my house “The Sponge” (that’s what I call him) balloon wouldn’t last long! Oh the kids would love, love, love this balloon though. Enjoy him!! ; )

  3. I already have trouble sleeping due to menopause (damn you, ovaries!). I would not be able to sleep a wink with this hoving over me. Jeepers creepers, man!

  4. That thing would scare the dogsnot out of me if I woke to it!
    Excellent lens acquisition. And it’s f1.8. I like the way it picks up all the colors in Nigel’s coat.
    Warm wishes belated!

  5. You got the lens!!! I’m so jealous. I sure hope you have better luck than I have been having with my new lens. 😦
    And yes, that balloon is kind of creepy.

  6. OooOOooh that IS creepy! You know how scary movies use dolls and circus paraphenalia to freak ppl out? It’s got that feel to it. Congrats on the lens! I’ll be getting one of those soon after I learn how to use the one I’ve got. Just bot a Canon Rebel not long ago.

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