Dog Dock Diving

Dog dock diving is SO COOL!!!!

We went to an event for the first time today and I am officially hooked.

The concept is pretty simple… the owner/trainer tosses the dog’s favorite toy into the pool.

Then the dog and the owner get reallllllly excited together, then the dog jumps as hard as he can to fetch his toy.

Simple right?

Each owner/trainer has his or her own style. But the point is they get the dog all riled up and ready to make the huge jump.

And the dog dives for the toy to make his owner/trainer proud.

Our dog, Nash, has never been in water before. We made the trainer aware of this, and he said there’s no time like the present to find out what Nash thinks of swimming…

Let’s just say that Nash’s endeavor was less graceful than that of the other dogs in attendance.

I mean, you didn’t expect to actually see something impressive did you? He is MY dog after all…

I’ll share more images of Nash’s moment to shine tomorrow.

And don’t worry, Nigel joined us too. He couldn’t jump, although I actually do think he would have had we let him, Nigel is fearless. But he did find a little girl to walk him all around.

A fine day was had by all! Well, our day was better than Nash’s.


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