Nash’s big moment

If you could imagine the song from ‘Chariots of Fire’ at this moment… I think that would be appropriate.

Nash the Blue Heeler had no idea where he was going, but he was very ready to get there. He heard other dogs and a lot of people, which means to him – PLAY TIME.

We immediately signed the paperwork to allow him to participate in a training session with the dog dock diving coaches.

Step 1: Nash has never been in the water before, so the coach wanted to introduce him to the pool by allowing him to walk down the ramp into the water.

Nash did great, he walked straight in. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the look on his face was pretty uncertain, but his body language was confident as he stopped midway down the ramp.

And then, Nash stumbled off the edge of the ramp, (doggy like mommy I suppose), and into the pool. He totally freaked and started splashing wildly.

There was a scurry of activity as the coach ran to the ramp to call Nash back towards him rather than allowing him to swim into the center of the pool.

As Nash neared the ramp, the trainer grabbed his collar to help him up on the ramp.

Of course Nash was little help since he was pulling against the trainer not understanding what was expected of him.

Luckily this guy was strong because Nash weighs well over 70 pounds. He’s a hoss. (Again, doggy like mommy). I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a hoss, but I wouldn’t want to have to drag me out of a pool!

The man said very loudly, “Wow, that’s one HEAVY dog!!!”. I had a moment of defensiveness for my chubby little heeler. So he’s a bit heavy? Did you have to yell that out to the whole crowd?

Then I realized that Nash is a dog, and he is fat, and he probably couldn’t care less who noticed this about him. As a matter of fact, all he cares about is if you have a treat for him!

He may also care if you are going to put him in a huge pool of water!

I know it’s hard to tell different dog’s emotions… but surprisingly this is Nash totally THRILLED.

After the initial shock, he was so totally happy to have done something that made us happy. We praised him over and over, and he smiled for the remainder of the day.

We didn’t care that he didn’t make it past step 1, we were so proud that he just tried at all. He was so brave.

Nigel had a great time too.

Although he would have preferred cooler temperatures.

Of course Nigel, the blind wiener dog, couldn’t see what Nash accomplished that day. He knows something big happened and that we were really proud of Nash.

So Nigel rewarded his big brother with a detailed grooming during the car ride home.

I really do love those darn dogs. And the fact that Nash is as big a clutz as me, makes me love him even more.


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4 thoughts on “Nash’s big moment

  1. We love watching dog dock diving. We never miss the “Ultimate Air Dogs” competition at the National Cherry Festival, each summer. It’s fun to see the dogs that really get it, but I also like to root for the newbies. Too cute.

  2. MommytoThree on said:

    where is this? my little dog would love it! (she’s probably too small, but would love it anyway!)

    • It was at Lake Lanier this weekend. But they have events all over the south… the group is called Dixie Dock Dogs. It really was fun, if Nash gets more used to the pool I think he’ll jump. All of the dogs were so excited to be there…

  3. Ha! I love dock diving! You got some great shots of the whole thing! I’m sure next time he will do better and eventually you won’t be able to keep him on land!!!

    I know what you mean about getting defensive about your dog…I used to do that when people would say that Ginger had gained weight…even though it was true! I’d be all, “I know she’s a little overweight but YOU don’t have to say anything about it!!!”

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