So today is Wednesday, “Hump Day”.

My husband just got home after working overnight, north of where we live, in the mountains, outside all night… He said he was freezing last night. YES!!! I mean, not yes that he was cold, but YES fall is getting closer.

I love fall. It means the holidays are coming. I love making stews and soups. I really like wearing sweaters and jeans.

And I “need” these boots.

Need, Want. Same Difference.

I mentioned that I’m starting a new part-time job for the holidays. I’ve always made a practice of using my first pay check to buy a little bobble as a congratulation to myself for getting a new job. I’ve bought myself a new purse before, a new piece of jewelry once, when I moved to Nashville I bought new furniture with my first paycheck. This time, it may take the first couple of paychecks, but I’m buying myself those boots!!!

What are your fall and winter must-haves?


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7 thoughts on “Boots

  1. As I was walking out of the office last night I was thinking the same. How much I love fall and how happy I am it is that time of the year again. The air is crisper, the leaves are starting to change and it smells of cinnamon.

    My must haves this year will be:
    – a couple of new scarves in fall colors
    – exciting new fall recipes to try (I’ll rely on you posting something fun here)
    – a warm, pretty blanket to cover myself when I sit on the porch
    – a set of new candles with pumpkin and cinnamon flavors
    – a constant supply of wood for the fireplace.

    • Oooo… New candles is a good call. I need a few too. And we have a huge hardwood limb laying in our yard waiting on a chainsaw for firewood. It will last a looooong time, it’s almost as big as a tree!
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  2. The BEST candle for Fall is Circle E – Apple Struesel – OMGoodness it smells wonderful! Don’t tell anyone, but I actually burn that all year long at my house, but I especially love burning it in the fall! My FAVORITE time of the year.

    Oh, cheese straws are also a must for fall đŸ˜‰

  3. Well, I live in Houston. We don’t have fall here. We don’t have seasons…period. We have hot, more hot, and less hot. For Christmas, we wear shorts and tank tops. Sometimes, in February, the temps dip to around 55F and we get to break out jeans and a light polar fleece. I do still celebrate fall in my heart (after all those years in northern Arkansas & Oklahoma). I make chicken & dressing, or chicken & dumplings, pumpkin bread, a variety of soups, homemade chili, and bake bread. If we’re lucky enough to get a chilly day, I light the gas logs in the fireplace for Ziggy. It’s his favorite place to be on a cold day. And I break out my Yankee Candles – Pumpkin Spice and Home for the Holidays (a great cinnamon/cranberry scent). I have a passion for sweaters, but I don’t get to wear them down here. A light fleece is as good as it gets, but I’ll take it! Hope you get those boots. They’re super cute. Happy fall!

  4. Pat Luther on said:

    Ashley can’t wait for chicken n dumplings. Of course she would eat them when it is 110 degrees in July. I love this weather. I have the windows open and th A/C off.

  5. MommytoThree on said:

    Loving the boots…. I may “need” them, too!

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