A lovely evening

1. I was making my husband’s lunch last night (I know, I’m WAY too nice to him). Anyway, I asked him if he’d like prosciutto on his sandwich. His response, “Do what?”. I repeated myself, dangling the package of prosciutto in front of him.

His reply, “Babe, it’ll make it easier on both of us if you just call that stuff what I call it. Fancy ham. That way we’ll both know what you’re talkin’ about.”

Fancy ham it is…

2. Everything seems to revolve around the bathroom in my home. I don’t like my husband to use MY bathroom, he has been banished to the half  bath. Unless we’re expecting company at which time he has to switch to using MY bathroom. But he is not to use MY bathroom under any other circumstances.

He broke this rule yesterday, and left the toilet roll completely and totally empty, not even a sheet of paper for my visit later in the evening. At which time I had to do the famed, “Um, HELLO!!!??? COULD YOU PLEASE BRING ME SOME TOILET PAPER!?”

Well he took his sweet time, to which I made a smart remark about him using all of the paper and not replacing the roll. He just smiled and said, “Seems to me you shoulda checked that out before you sat down!”.  GET OUT!

3. “Babe this stew is really good, but it’s kinda makin’ me feel like I’m gonna barf.”

Tell me how this even makes sense.

4. I tell my husband that I am really excited that my girlfriend and her daughters are going to be able to come up to see us in mid-October. He asks, “What dates exactly?”

October 16 and 17.

“Babe, you don’t know what October 16th is?” Um? I don’t know… it’s the day Kristi and her kids are coming up.

“Um, October 16th is the opening day for rifle season. I’m gonna need (note the use of the word NEED) to be out huntin’. I mean, I guess I could just go in the mornin’ then go with y’all to the fair. (I give him ‘the face’) Or, I could go on Sunday. I mean it’ll be open season for a few weeks, I’ll have plenty of time to hunt”.

‘The face’ always works…

How was your evening???

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8 thoughts on “A lovely evening

  1. Heh, heh. That’s RIGHT he’ll have plenty of time to hunt. 🙂

    I have to say he makes me laugh, though…especially the Fancy Ham.

    And you are a great wife to make his lunch! I haven’t done that in years!!

  2. Excellent. You have him well trained.
    Keep it up. Aim High
    me & mine rarely see each other and it’s just as well since we’ve not much to say.
    you go girlie.

  3. Men are men! It’s universal! They just don’t get it, do they?!?! Mine made a HUGE blunder the other night and is still trying to dig his way out. At this rate he may need a backhoe! I submiit his blunder for review/comments: We’re eating dinner out. I see Carrot Cake on the menu and comment that I’m stuffed but may get some to go! Here’s where it’s goes wrong… He says “go where? On your butt??” Yep, I looked at him with “The Look” and said “seriously?” at which point he tried to laugh and tell me he was joking etc… but too late, the hole/crater was dug! He swore up and down he was kidding, trying to be funny, haha, but he’s still eating those words!
    And nope, I didn’t get the cake, even though my size 6 butt could afford it! It wasn’t gonna happen then! All’s OK though, he’s asked to see my butt several times since and I just tell him I’d hate to subject him to that, heeheeehee! See women always win!! When will they learn!! ; )

    • Oooooo that’s a good one. He’s got a month of “you look beautiful”s and “surprise! I brought home cupcakes”es… Oh yeah, and a big ol’ I’M SORRY!!!!!!!
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  4. Heehee, yeah he’s been begging for forgiveness ever since. I’m still using it as leverage at this point (insert evil laugh here). Men just crack me up, they just don’t seem to have that “sifter” in their brains that clears out all the stuff that they should or shouldn’t do and say. You know the old saying, can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em!
    ; ) Just kidding, I do love mine more than anything even after 20 yrs.

  5. Pat Luther on said:

    WOW! I thought my husband was the worst at opening his mouth and inserting his foot, but you two ladies have me beat this time.

  6. Natalie on said:

    Must say, # 3 not only made me LOL, but I snorted, as well. That means something. “You snorted!” is my family’s fave thing to call me out on.

  7. My husband is the same way!! He was out weeks before season even opened setting up shooting houses and stands and planting the green field.. he drives me nuts!! But I love deer meat so I can’t complain when I’m at home making my favorite taco soup or Rancho Beans! I pretty much know, however, that I will not see my husband on the weekends until hunting season is over. BTW, we keep his deer heads in the guest room, lol.

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