I been busy!

What a fabulous weekend!

The weather here in North Georgia has been amazing. And given my weekend plans, good weather was quite a blessing.

First, my mom made a last-minute decision to drive up from Savannah to visit us for the weekend. I was totally thrilled to see her and wanted to spend every minute I could with her. It was great!

I also had tennis Saturday and Sunday, so I had to drag my mom all around with me for tennis. Fortunately, she got to see me win. I love to win. And thank goodness for that nice weather.

AND…I had committed to cook food for Sunday’s tennis match. I stupidly elected not to take photos…I just wasn’t in a photo-takin’ kinda mood. I don’t really know why, I just wasn’t feeling it this weekend. But my mom and I made lotsa food… An Herbed Ricotta Tart, a very delicious Spiced Cake, yummy Lemon Dill Pasta Salad, and my go-to dish for events such as this – Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Have you had this dip? OMGosh is it good!!! I borrowed this photo…since I obviously got lazy with my camera this weekend. I got this recipe off of Frank’s Red Hot website, and I use this recipe ALL the time. It is seriously delicious and addictive, so be careful!

Then yesterday my mom and I sat on my front porch drinking coffee all morning. We chatted about everything from family to shopping to Christmas… We went to lunch together and talked and talked and talked. We parted at the restaurant and she headed south while I headed home. I missed her instantly, and this morning I so wish she was still here to join me for coffee on the porch. Except it is 37 degrees this morning, which may chill our coffee and our toes.

I hope you have all had an equally great weekend and nice start to your week. I begin my new part-time job tonight, which I am pretty darn excited about.

If you are interested in the Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe (and you should be!), here’s the link: http://www.franksredhot.com/recipes/FRANK%27S%C2%AE-REDHOT%C2%AE-BUFFALO-CHICKEN-DIP-RE1242


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3 thoughts on “I been busy!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I wish I could see my mom more often. We live 10 hours apart, so we don’t see each other as often as I’d like. My weekend was spent close to home, recovering from acute bronchitis. The Complete Package spent the weekend riding his motorcycle, since it cooled down to the 70’s here. He loved every minute of it. Thanks for the dip recipe. My daughter and son-in-law will love this one. I’ll have to make it for them the next time we get a weekend together. Congrats on a great weekend with your mom and on the tennis win. Glad she was there to see it!

  2. Yay! Glad you’re back…it sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend. When you said you and your Mom were sitting on the porch drinking coffee and chatting it just made me wish I had a front porch!

    Also, you are a tennis champ. I haven’t played tennis since high school gym class but I (think) I can still keep score. Love = 0, right? 🙂

  3. Yeah for you! I had a great family weekend too! We headed out and met up with my Sissy, her hubby (we met in the middle) and friends from our old base and rode our Harley’s together! It was great!! I know just what you mean about missing them immediately. I am missing them so much now. I HATE the good-bye part!!!
    I can’t wait to try the dip! So glad you added the website for us, thank U!!!
    Glad to have u back too! ; ))

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