Speaking of dogs…

We got a new dog this morning!

Well… let me rephrase…

We had a new dog this morning!

As usual, there’s a story behind all of this.

This morning I was sitting on my front porch having a cup of coffee. Suddenly I heard screeching tires and a child screaming. I jumped up, wearing pajamas and smurf blue crocs , I ran across my yard to the road at the bottom of the hill. There sat a little girl holding a big ol’ basset hound.

I ran to her worried that she or the dog had been injured, but luckily they were both okay.

I asked, “That’s your dog?”

She replied,”No, I was outside and saw her in the middle of the road. My dog got run over and I won’t ever let another dog get hit in front of my house. When I saw the car coming I screamed at them to stop and they did. So I saved her. I want to call her Daisy.”

-Do you see the irony that I posted about my dog growing up yesterday, Daisy?-

She breaka my hearta. She had little tears in her eyes, her mom came to the street with us. Another neighbor came out and said the basset had been running loose all morning. Apparently out here in the country, it’s common for hunting dogs to get loose and for people who can no longer afford their dogs to just dump them off on streets where a few folks live in the hopes that someone will take in the dog.

Enters sucker #1 – ME. The neighbors tell me that everyone out here knows that if your dog gets out, first thing you do is call the pound for any reported lost dogs. So I made a report there. No mention of missing dogs. My husband returned home a bit later and we introduced her to our dogs, they were quick friends.

She seemed to be right at home. She snarfed down a can of food and gulped a good bit of water. She and Nash ran around the backyard for a bit. Then she plopped down on the deck for a little snooze. We decided to leave her alone for her nap, hoping she would acclimate herself to her new home. We grabbed a quick lunch out, and sadly when we returned home Daisy was gone.

She pried the gate open somehow and disappeared. We drove all around and never saw her. She didn’t respond to any verbal commands, including whistling and clapping, so I knew she wouldn’t come to us calling her. I’m a little heart-broken, she was so cute.

So I went out back to throw the ball with Nash. That’s his very most favorite thing in the world. Can you tell from this photo how much he loves his tennis ball???

And Nigel doesn’t seem very sad to have lost that doggy…he just found his place in the sun as usual.

I’ve really been wanting another dog, and I thought Daisy just might be the new addition I’ve been thinking about. I’m off to cry and beg my husband to get me a puppy…


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5 thoughts on “Speaking of dogs…

  1. I hope the doggie finds a safe place.
    My sons left “Barkley” behind and he could be a double for Nash, almost. just hate that he’s alone all day while we work. It’s not so bad in nice weather but in the winter. Poor thing. At least he’s safe from cars!

  2. Oh, she’s a beautiful basset hound! I hope she remembers your kindness and comes back.

    What kind of puppy are you interested in? Cuz I know this lab who’s missing one of his toes…


  3. I love Nigel and Nash. They just seem to be complete opposites. Nash looks so excited and full of energy, and Nigel looks just like my Ziggy….content to find a sunny spot and sleep all day. Sorry the bassett hound didn’t stay. She was a cutie. I hope she comes back to you. If not, a Boston terrier puppy would be an awesome addition to your family! Right, Zig?

  4. Pat Luther on said:

    I didn’t know you wanted another dog. How about a Pug? I am thinking of finding him a new home. He is very lovable and playful but I think he needs a younger family. He is a little active for us old folks.

    • No pugs… like my mom said, “if” I get another dog, it needs to be a playmate for Nash. Meaning…a big dog. But I don’t need another dog, I just want one for some reason. But I really, really, reallllllllly don’t need one!

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