Toying with 50mm

I’ve been playing with my 50mm lens this week. This is a photo of a dogwood tree’s pretty berries. Mom and I noticed, during one of our morning coffee breaks on the front porch, that the trees don’t have a ton of berries this year. But I found a couple of pretty clusters to photograph.

Here’s what I like about the Nikon 50mm 1.8D lens – The color and crispness seems to be exaggerated. It is a lot easier to achieve that blurred background that looks so nice with portrait type photography.

As much as I love that crisp, saturated color in the first photo…I struggled with it while trying to photograph these measuring spoons. Side note – aren’t they adorable??? My girlfriend Susan gave them to me for my birthday.

These photos were taken without a flash, but you wouldn’t know it. The lens even captures the dents and scratches in my table. I say those give my table “character”, it’s what makes it feel like home. This table was the very first thing I ever bought myself. I had a tiny little 1 bedroom apartment soon after graduating from college. I had hand-me-down furniture from my parents, for which I was extremely grateful. Along with a brand new couch they gave me as a graduation gift. But I didn’t have a table and chairs. I bought the table for $75, and I am very attached to it. I love that I can see impressions where I used to sign my checks, scratches received during moves from home to home, a little sun fade where it has sat soaking up the rays year after year.

So while I don’t love these photos of the spoons, because they don’t do justice to how pretty they are, I appreciate the detail in the wood. But I have really been challenged by how to manage this new ability to capture detail in a photo. Too much detail is distracting, too vivid… it’s like the first time I watched the news in High Definition and thought… wow, that weather lady should really rethink the caked on make up.

How’s that for a random photo? I was drying sheets outside and saw this little bug resting his wings on my lovely, clean sheet. Vamanos bug! But wait, let me photograph you first… I wanted to see how much detail I could capture. Pretty impressive that I can even seen the veins in his wings. And then he had to go, fly away little bug.

 Of course there are also lots of images like this one… Why can’t dogs understand that they’re supposed to sit still while I’m taking their photo? Nigel does WAY better than Nash. He would argue that it’s because he has superior intellect, but we all know it’s just because he is a little lazy. Sorry Nigel, I must speak the truth.

Thank you for enduring my 50mm trial and error. I hope that you all have a fabulous Saturday. I am going in for work day number 2, yay!


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5 thoughts on “Toying with 50mm

  1. How did I miss you were going to work?!?
    I have the 50mm f1.8 Canon lens. They make a pricey metal version as well as the “dirty lil secret” in plastic for $99! a steal.
    You are a romantic soul who can see the beauty in the dents and scratches of life. They are what makes us don’t you think?
    Have a good weekend/

  2. A good lens makes a world of difference, doesn’t it? I have the 50mm 1.8 in the Canon lens and I LOVE it.

    It’s so fun to play with this lens! Can’t wait to see what else you photograph! 🙂

  3. I am seriously considering getting another “Good” camera. I had a Nikon but when my eyes starting going and my pics starting all being blurry I went with the point and shoot Nikon. Now I really want one of the new digital ones that have the auto focus. I’m just trying to talk myself into dropping the $$. I’m scared that I’ll end up with blurry pics again if I try to use all the features on the camera. Any thoughts??

    • I was a little risky with my camera purchase… I bought a nikon D80 (about $2000 w/ lens) on craigslist. I got it for $500 from a real estate agent who won it at a conference and never used it. Because my experience was so great, I would suggest trying that…just remember there are a lot of scammers so take someone who knows about cameras with you to inspect. Another thing to consider before spending any money…have you ever manipulated your photos with software? Try a free program through google called picasa. You just download it from the internet and you can add shadow or color to a photo…you may find that you like your current camera just fine with a little help from the computer…
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  4. Thanks for the website info, I will def. ck it out! I take a ton of pics and took a photography class waaaaaaay back in high school ; ) and had purchased my Nikon with the zoom lens, etc.. then and I really miss the range that I had with it! The little one I have now takes a decent pic and is really easy to drop in a pocket, but I am always wishing I had the range of my old camera when we are out and I see a great shot. I will ck Craig’s List, I hadn’t even thought of that!! DOH! I am going to go and talk to one of the camera stores here and see what they have to say and then go from there. Wish I could rent one for a week or so to try it out before I bought one ; ) I’ll have to ck on that too!!

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