When I was an Advertising Manager…

I’ve mentioned in the past that it wasn’t all that long ago that I was an advertising manager. I worked for the client, meaning the company putting the ads out there. What that means is I managed the relationship with the creative agency, the folks that actually came up with the advertising ideas and executed the work. And I worked with the media agency, they actually bought the placements for the creative work in magazine, TV, billboards, online, etc…

For those of you that have never been exposed to the business of advertising, your first thought is probably ads on television that interrupt your favorite shows. Or those pesky pop up ads when you’re trying to surf the web. Yep, that’s what I did!

But now, having been away from it for a year, I like to laugh at how much stress I put on myself for perfection. When I looked at a photograph for a print ad, I would go back and forth with the creative agency 5 times to get the photo the way I wanted it. “The sky is too bright. There’s a weird little dot on the paint, just above the rear wheel. I don’t like how that tree looks ominous, can you make it more cheerful?”

Here, I’ll give you an example… let’s pretend Nigel is the product I’m advertising.

Yeah… seriously?

Oh and don’t even get me started on how critical I was with copy (aka the verbiage in a print ad). We would quibble over the use of superior vs. best, large vs. big… Again, seriously?

And now I have a blog. I read through some of my older posts and found typos in every single one. Of course I don’t have an editing department to ensure the proper use of language and punctuation. But I can assure you that if a print ad came to my desk with a typo….ooooooh, I feel sorry for that copywriter. Once again, say it with me, seriously?

I watch ads now and think of all of the blood sweat and tears that were shed to bring us this message. Some of the ads I love, some I hate, some I just don’t understand and then there are those that I really wish I had done…and those I’m so thankful I wasn’t any part of! *Copy notes: Preposition at end of sentence. Do not use ellipse (…). Blood sweat and tears needs commas, and isn’t this an overused phrase – too cliché’? Also, would you say “that were shed” or just “shed”. Adding words that aren’t necessary. Run on sentence. Do you “watch” ads or “see” ads. What if the ad is print, do you watch a magazine?

SERIOUSLY? Seriously. That was my job. And I was kinda good at it. I’m a perfectionist, and I like critiquing other’s work apparently!

But there’s something almost liberating about this blog.

I’ve put blurry, lame photos like this on my blog and you know what happened? People commented and said nice things about my posts. My parents often call to chat about some of the topics I’ve posted. My friends comment that my photography is getting better.

It’s fun managing advertising and marketing messages, but right now the only message I’m worried about is the message on this blog. It’s stress free, imperfect and fun. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! *Copy notes: Use of the word “y’all” may turn some readers off. Consider use of proper grammar. 



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10 thoughts on “When I was an Advertising Manager…

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you read my blog because I know almost NOTHING about grammar. Seriously, it all fell out of my head after high school! You must cringe at some of my punctuation mistakes! 🙂

    Nah, you’re right… (ellipse – that’s for you…) … blogging is fun and who cares about blurry pics and a few, ahem, grammar errors, right? Right??

    Hee hee.


  2. grammar schmammer….blah blah blah….lol!!!

  3. Love it! I’ve done some freelance final proofing and I find it hard to turn off being critical after I am done.

  4. How nice to get a glimpse of your former life! I used to work as the assistant to the Director of Events at a major facility here in Houston – football stadium, old Astrodome, convention center and an arena. It was a stressfull, full-throttle, hectic, hysterical, fun mess, and I loved every minute of it. But then Jonah Bear came into the world, my beloved boss moved to another office, and I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Worked some once-in-a-lifetime events, though – Super Bowl 38 (the one with Janet Jackson’s bare breast fiasco), a Rolling Stones concert, NFL games, dog shows, and many, many more. The Hurricane Katrina evacuation is the one that stays with me the most. I worked in the command center. It haunts me still. But now I’m a lady of leisure with two beautiful grandkids, and my life is much more peaceful and serene. Life is all about balance.
    PS – thanks for another sweet photo of Nigel. And his eyes are not dull, they’re limpid pools of unconventional love.

  5. Yeah, Kandi, I am a little paranoid now too!!! I try to use good grammar, but usually I am trying to quick finish my post before I am interrupted by kidlets….usually doesn’t work anyway….but, now I am nervous. Luckily, I have come to know you as a loving compassionate woman who doesn’t belittle the frailty of others, right? Right? Now I am looking at the word frailty and wondering if it is spelled right….I don’t think so…but I am going to leave it alone….for now.


  6. How interesting that you were in advertising. Blogging seems like a natural transition, without all the headaches.

  7. I was an Executive Assistant for 23 yrs and have been blessed enough to be able to take some time off and watch my two grandkids for the last three yrs. My daughter and son-in-law can now both work so it helps them out financially and it gives the kids some Nana time. I believe it gives them a good loving foundation to start from, and thankfully we can do it right now. It’s funny because some of the other assistants and I used to call it Adult Day Care at work some days, and now I’m on the Child Day Care side. There are days I am not sure which is worse, LOL!!!

  8. OMG, it’s an ellipSIS!!! Not an ellipse. An ellipse is a shape like an oval, whereas an ellipsis is punctuation like a dot dot dot. There you go with those typos again. Do you need an editor? 😉 You know your wonderful sister loves critiquing other people’s work, as well, right? Hmmm, do you think we get that from Mom?!

  9. Katie B on said:

    Just picked you up from TPW & enjoyed! I’m from Charleston, SC but living in VB, VA now. Seriously, is it y’all? I’ve always used ya’ll!! 🙂

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