Festivals, Fairs & Little Girls

Is there anything more alluring than the lights at a county fair???

My girlfriend Kristi, her 3 daughters and their dog Teddy Bear came to spend the weekend with us. And we had great plans! We were going to an art festival up in the mountains, then when the sun went down we would ride the rides at the local county fair, and Sunday was all about a pancake filled, syrupy breakfast.

We found pretty flowers everywhere. And the girls looked so sweet with them in their hair. This is the middle child, filled with energy and no fear anywhere in her little body. She was ready to GO GO GO!

And this is Kristi. Every time she saw the camera pointed at her she would yell, “Don’t take my picture!”. Sound familiar? Well, I hope when she sees this one that she’ll realize that I would do a good job of making her look glamorous.

Kristi and I have been friends since we were 11-years-old. We went to junior high together and would eat our lunches together in the courtyard. We went to high school together and took as many classes together as possible. We would cruise around in her Mazda RX7 listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and talking about all the boys we liked. We went to college together and lived on the same hall in our dorm. We would laugh and gossip on my bed until the wee hours of the morning.

You know how you have that friend that seems to always be with you when crazy stuff happens? Kristi is that friend to me. From hitting a 5-gallon bucket with my little sportscar and getting it wedged under my bumper to her laughing so hard while she was driving that she put her head down on her steering wheel. “KRISTI!!!!! Watch the road!!!!”. We have so many hilarious memories together.

And now, she’s the mother of 3 beautiful little girls. This is her carrying the baby, who was very camera shy.

When it came time for rides, there’s S. ready to do any and every ride she was tall enough to enjoy. If the rides that went upside down would have let her on, she would have been ALL about it! Watch out next year, I bet she is going to be on every ride at the fair.

And this is the first-born, K. She just got glasses this year and I think it makes her look sophisticated. She has long, naturally wavy hair that is so pretty. And she is funny! She started singing, to the tune of “Going back to Cali”, “Goin’ to the fay-yer, the fay-yer, the fay-yer.” And she is so sweet to her little sisters.

Middle girl S. wondering which ride is going to be next. She was raring to go the entire night, she had buckets of energy in that little body.

When she did finally crash, would you believe that the tooth fairy found the tooth under her pillow? We still don’t know how she found S. at our house, but we were thrilled that she got a whole dollar!

And finally, at the end of the night, the baby E. let me take her photo. She moves so quickly, darting here and there, that it was tough in the low light to capture an image that wasn’t blurred. But this is the perfect photo to represent her sweet disposition, her cute little voice is so sweet. We watched a clown for a little while that was really mean, she said, “He’s mean. I gonna call him Mean Mahvin. He look dawky.”

They are all so adorable.

Sunday we all had pancakes and gobs of syrup. We giggled and laughed until the last few minutes that we had to part ways. I immediately felt like something was missing.

Today, my house has never been so quiet…


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2 thoughts on “Festivals, Fairs & Little Girls

  1. Awwww….beautiful, sweet girls! Sounds like an awesome weekend. I always feel the same way after a weekend with my daughter and grandbabies. I feel so empty and depressed when we have to say goodbye, but I also feel so grateful that I get to spend time with them. Great photos of the girls! And the lights at the fair after dark are my favorite part, too. Well, that and the corndogs with extra mustard!

  2. What precious girls and what great fun you had!

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