Clam Chowder – it’s not a recipe

This is my last fair photo… I thought it looked really cool, but without knowing what it is I’m sure it is difficult to make out. It is a ride where the kids actually lay down and they fly through the air like a super-hero. They loved this ride and even talked their mom into riding it with them.

Now, for a random change of subject… When my sister and I quickly change the topic we use a phrase once stolen from Saturday Night Live – “Clam Chowder”. This isn’t even what I was changing the subject to discuss, but since I brought it up, Clam Chowder is the best phrase we’ve ever conjured up. This way we can totally skip from one topic to another without sounding like a crazy person.

“Can you believe the Brave’s lost? I wish they were in the world series this year. Clam Chowder. Oh my gosh, did you watch The Amazing Race Sunday night? It is so good this season! Clam Chowder. I have this strange ache on my side, wonder what that could be? Mom always said that getting older sucks…man she wasn’t lying!”

See! It’s GREAT.

Clam Chowder.

So this is what I was going to talk about prior to random Clam Chowder segway… I am absolutely loving this cooler fall weather. It just makes me happy to actually be able to sit outside without streams of sweat dripping down my back. (Sorry was that too graphic?).

This morning I heard the garbage truck outside, I looked at my garbage can and realized that my husband didn’t remember to take the bag out this morning. He had already taken the can to the street, but I cleaned out the fridge last night and had a whole chicken, leftover chicken and bulgar soup, leftover spaghetti (we’re not good at eating leftovers, can you tell?) and a quarter of an onion that had gone bad. That’s NOT gonna smell good in a very short amount of time…

He said he would take it to the street when he went to work this morning, but at 4:30am I can’t blame the guy for forgetting. But when I heard the garbage man I sprinted to the end of the street to give him my bag full of smelly goodness. As I huffed up to the side of his truck he laughed at me… because my hair is standing upright? Because I’m in my pj’s? Because it’s 7:30am and I looked like I had just rolled out of bed? Because I didn’t have on a bra? Who knows… but he laughed at me.

The point of all of this is – even though I walked away wondering what was so funny about me running down the street holding a stinky garbage bag at the break of daylight, I immediately thought, “Thank goodness it’s so cool. I probably won’t even sweat after that little sprint! Yay Fall!”.

Thank you for not judging me and all my weirdness.


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2 thoughts on “Clam Chowder – it’s not a recipe

  1. What I would give to be a fly on the wall when you and your sister are having a conversation. I think I would be very entertained! 😉

    Now I need to go find a video of the Saturday Night Live Clam Chowder sketch…I don’t remember that one!

  2. In my case, he’d be laughing because one of my boobs would be over my shoulder when I got to the truck. Running without a bra could be hazardous for me. Remember the line from the movie “A Christmas Story” – “you’ll put your eye out, kid.” Not pretty. Not pretty at all!

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