Adding Sparkle

I found the cutest little sparkle pumpkins at the ol’ Wally World yesterday.

I couldn’t resist them for only $1 a piece. I think they work for Halloween and Thanksgiving, so pumpkins will be adorning my kitchen table for the next few months. And they have sparkles!

I’m on a mission to add more sparkle to my life.

I don’t exactly know what that meant, but it all began with $3 worth of sparkle pumpkins.

I also copied one of my fellow blogger-friends and made these spooky ghost treats. Nana Bread’s turned out really cute too, you can take a look at all of her handy work here:

Can you guess what this is going to be??? I’ll share photos of the final product tomorrow.

I’ve been putting together a few treats for tomorrow’s tennis match with all my girlfriends. It’s our last match of the season tomorrow. I’m not playing, I’m just drinking beer watching. So I might as well have good food to celebrate the end of our season!


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5 thoughts on “Adding Sparkle

  1. Cannot wait to taste the yummy food tomorrow!

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Hmmmm, can’t guess what you are making tomorrow……will have to wait to find out! I”m headed to Wally World for something sparkly!! Love them!

  3. Punkin’ cake! Punkin’ cake! Punkin’ cake! There’s a running joke with a friend of mine on decorated pumpkin cakes. She went home to see family for Thanksgiving one year. Her mother made this decorated pumpkin cake. My friend flips out, thinking “Oh, man! I love pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin anything! Bring on the pumpkin cake!” Well, they cut into it after dinner, and it’s made from a banana cake mix. She was crushed. Defeated. Deflated. Gave her mother a rash of $#!t for using anything other than a pumpkin cake recipe. We still laugh about it every Thanksgiving – when I offer to mail her a lemon-flavored one, and then she calls me a b-word. Good times. Hey, thanks for the mention on the pretzels! How fun to see my blog in lights…or print…or whatever! Hope your tennis buds loved their treats, and you enjoyed your beer. And by beer I mean view of the tennis matches.

  4. The little pumpkins & gourds are great! Might go see if our Wally World has them.

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