Party Food

Have I mentioned lately that I love party food?

Love, as in, LOVE. As in, I can’t stop eating party food when it’s available. Give me dips, give me desserts, give me new little finger sandwiches… and I’m a goner.

So this week, when I decided to do the party food for our last tennis match, I wanted it to be fun and delicious and I wanted others to have the same issue as me when it comes to getting seconds and thirds and fourths…

So I started with Bacon-Wrapped Plums stuffed with pistachios and apricot. It’s SO simple!

Take a package of good quality bacon and cut the pieces in half long way.

Then stuff 3-4 pistachios inside the dried plum (aka prunes, but don’t call them prunes because they sound like old people food… whereas dried plums sound so much more appetizing…well, in MY opinion).

Then chop up dried apricots in thirds.

Then wrap the pistachio stuffed plum and dried apricot up in the bacon.

Bake at 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes. YUM!

I also made a really simple and what turned out to be delicious apple tart.

I used Wally World brand pie dough, because they were out of the better known brand, and because I was too lazy to make my own pie dough. But I have to say, it was really good.

I peeled and chopped up about 8 small apples, tossed in small handful of flour and sugar and all my favorite spices, mixed ’em up.

I heavily buttered a pan with sides, then laid 1 pie crust in the center of pan. Piled the apples on top and simply folded the edges of the crust around the apples.

So easy, it took like 20 minutes total and it looked so impressive and tasted amazing.

And I learned a VERY valuable blogging lesson. If you’re gonna tease your audience, make sure you can deliver. I’ve made jack-o-lantern cakes several years in the past. They always turn out cute.

But this time, because I had a good many things going on, I elected to purchase “Halloween Confetti” icing, which was orange on the label. And I elected to ice instead of pipe the icing… Mistake on top of mistake resulted in this…

A peach-colored, um, pumpkin-esque, um, party ball?

It’s certainly NOT a jack-o-lantern. And the icing was NOT orange. It’s peach at best, more like flesh-colored. I wish I had the vision prior to going with vines to create a dead head or something Halloweeny, because it was NOT an orange pumpkin.

And I smashed this lovely masterpiece with the cake dome lid. It’s not like it hurt anything… the cake was UGLY. But it tasted good, and I guess that’s what mattered. Sigh.

The pretzel ghosts were a huge hit.

I also made, but didn’t photograph delicious chicken salad. My girlfriend Carla gave me the recipe and I make it all the time.

Chopped chicken, mayo (I prefer Duke’s), blue cheese dressing, a peeled and chopped apple, grapes cut in half and chopped walnuts. I don’t use measurements, I just mix it all up until it looks right. And it is delicious.

I think I successfully created a table that everyone had to return to once, twice, even three times. Party food rules!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Party Food

  1. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Oh my, your poor pumpkin cake, kudos for trying tho! I’m going to try your chicken salad this weekend when we have people over…….I hate measuring, I’m a big fan of eyeballin’ it. I haven’t thought of using blue cheese dressing, it sounds soooo good! I bet there was no food left, it all looks divine!!

  2. They look great! I love the pictures. You have trully perfected that art. What is your camera again?

  3. You really go all out for your tennis team…can i join? 🙂 Love the pretzel ghosts. Too cute.

  4. In honor of you, I seriously contemplated making bacon-wrapped dates for my last Bunko night…but then I realized I’d have to share them, and that they probably wouldn’t be as good as yours anyway, so I took chips and salsa instead…will you just come and stay for a week or two and cook for me? Everything tastes WAY better when you or Nana make it!!!

  5. I love party food/appetizers too! Always look forward to New Year’s Eve so I can make every favorite I have!

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