Introducing Natalie

We have had significant developments in the story of Natalie the Basset Hound.

She came back!!!!!

Well the story is a little bit more involved than that…

You may remember that she showed up at our home a couple of weeks ago. She had no collar, the pounds had no reports of a missing basset hound, and she wasn’t micro-chipped. So, we decided that she must be our new dog. I immediately fell in love with her.

We put her in the backyard to potty and rest a bit, and within 30 minutes she found a way out. We drove all around our surrounding areas and never saw her. So we assumed she was gone.

On a whim I drove through a neighboring community and happen to see her in a fenced yard. I figured she had either found her way home, or another loving family had adopted her. Either way, I was happy for her.

Sunday, as I was driving down our country road, I saw a Basset Hound in the middle of the road. It was Natalie. I stopped my car to load her up, and I took her back to the home where I had seen her.

The man was very nonchalant in accepting the dog. He explained it was his stepdaughter’s dog, their fence was broken so she kept getting out. He also mentioned that they had wanted to get rid of her anyway. So I said we’d love to have her if they wanted to find her a new home. He said he’d talk to his wife about it and get back with me.

Yesterday, my husband walked into our garage and there Natalie was just hanging out. We could see the fleas just walking around on her, so we immediately gave her a flea bath and treated her with Frontline. In the midst of her bath, the owner called and said that if we wanted her they would bring her over. I told her that we assumed they had dropped her off because she was in our garage…she had not brought her to us, she thought she was in her backyard.

I guess it was meant to be. The other dogs have easily accepted her into their pack and she has made herself right at home.

There are a few things that we need to handle immediately – she’s not fixed, she’s behind on her shots, she’s not potty trained, she treats the furniture as if she owns it, she’s too thin and is constantly hungry, we already handled the horrible fleas…

But one thing that has already happened naturally, Natalie is a part of our family.


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8 thoughts on “Introducing Natalie

  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful story! It sounds like she is meant to be your dog. So Natalie is the name her previous owners gave her? It’s cute, I like it.

    I hope she learns to behaver herself! But bassetts are so darn cute it’s probably hard to stay mad at those sad little eyes! 🙂 Congrats!

  2. Awwww! She found her way back to you! That’s fantastic. Now you just need to teach her to use the toilet so you NEVER have to let her out of the house ever again. I love the photo of the 3 of them together. Nash looks so excited, and Nigel….well, Nigel is doing what dogs do. They make a cute little trio!

  3. That is so awesome! She obviously new a loving home when she found you the first time.

  4. Dogs choose their rightful owners and she knew you were her Mommy! She could feel the love in your home, a feeling that she wasn’t used to unfortunately. Thankfully, she now has her forever home, where she will get the love back that she so richly deserves!! Congrats on your new addition!!!

  5. Pat Luther on said:

    Can’t wait to meet her! She couldn’t have picked a better home.

  6. That’s so sweet, obviously she felt your house was meant to be. And don’t worry about the “too thin” part — she’s a hound dog so if you leave food around she will take care of that. I’m speaking from the expertise of owning a generously plump beagle. Enjoy your new family member!

  7. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Good for all of you……….Natalie found her forever home! 🙂

  8. Awww, I love the pic of the three of them! I can’t wait to meet Natalie over the holidays! Nash does look like he’s so excited that he can hardly stand it! I’ve been catching up on your blog over my lunch today, and I love the pics of Aunt Pat and Uncle Butch and Dad and the chair and the tassies and the dogs! 🙂 And Fernanda says that you’re a hero for saving Natalie and getting her healthy and giving her a better life! I think Fernanda is right! Love you lots!

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