The sad reality

Adopting a dog has such rewards. They’re cute and cuddly, funny and silly, and they make you happy simply by looking at them. As Natalie is beautifully demonstrating here, how can you look at her without laughing?

But there is a sad reality to bringing a rescued animal into your home… Natalie and I went to her vet’s appointment yesterday. I called to check prices for a check up and shot update – $135. Two hours and $260 later (and an estimate for $350 for two weeks from now), we found out how sick and neglected our poor little Natalie actually was.

She has hook worms, round worms, whip worms and tape worms. The only silver lining, she tested negative for heart worms. She also has a severe ear infection. Her tooth decay is so severe that the vet said we could clean them when we spay her, but if we elect not to do that, she would recommend removing several teeth because they are causing pain for the dog. She believes she has had at least 2, possibly 3 litters of puppies in her short life. And her fleas were so severe that her skin is damaged.

I don’t understand how anyone could neglect that cute little face.

She’s loaded up on meds, and our other dogs are up-to-date on their shots and started a preventative medicine to ensure they don’t contract any of those nasty worms.

And we’ve learned that Natalie absolutely loves chewy bones. Her favorite thing to do is hop up on the couch and roll the wet, half-chewed, gooey bone all over the couch while she licks it.

I’m learning the Basset Hound way of doing things…

Natalie is just a doll-baby and I love her messy ears and stinky paws. I am anticipating immeasurable joy from having her in our lives.


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6 thoughts on “The sad reality

  1. Poor baby! And poor wallet! The same thing happened to our friend, Kaki. Our neighbor had a miniature dachshund they no longer wanted. Kaki heard about it and wanted her immediately. She found out Callie had heartworms and several other health issues. It cost her $600 in the first month just to nurse her back to good health. She’s a terrific dog and has a much better home now, but it makes me furious that people can be so neglectful of their pets. Why even have one to begin with? Natalie is lucky she found you when she did, and I’m sure she will be forever grateful.

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    Dogs are like children. You have to take them to the doctor, feed them, buy them toys, (thankfully not clothes unless you are like my oldest daughter) and love them. Looks like Natalie could use some love. She couldn’t have found a better home for that. I bet the next picture will show a big old smile on her face!

    • Hey!!! Zoey needs sweaters to keep her warm! That Yorkie fur doesn’t work very well – speaking of which…I think it’s time to update her wardrobe, which means that Gary will, undoubtedly, just HAVE to get something “matchy” for Bubba to wear…I won’t complain though, a bulldog in a sweater is WAY better than Bubba hair all over my car!

  3. Wow, you guys are so wonderful to open your home to Natalie – she’s one lucky pooch!!! Soooo glad you found her…or she found you!!!

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    She’s one lucky pup!

  5. I know it is hard on the wallet but she will pay you back with her love, it is all she has to give. She is such a sweetie and I am soooo glad God sent her to you, and it sounds like not a moment too soon. People like her prior owner should never be allowed to own any pets again! I wish there was some type of system to track them! Thankfully, she is with your family now! Yeah for you and your hubby! Great job!!!!

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