Savannah Sunsets

Sitting in my parent’s den here in Savannah, Georgia…this was the view through their bay window last night.

I drove down here yesterday to spend Halloween and my dad’s birthday with them. He’s 70… What’s that dad? You’re only 66? Is there a difference between 70 and 66? Oh, he said he’ll start telling everyone I’m 40 if I say he’s 70 again… so what I meant to say is that he is 29 again!

With such a magical sunset, I decided to step outside and try to capture how gorgeous it was with my camera. I’m not sure if I really served it justice, but I tried several different methods for showcasing a Savannah sunset over the marsh.

Here I’ve lowered my ISO to 100 and concentrated the focus on the spanish moss in the trees. You’ll see a little plant in close focus near the right…I wish now that I had pushed that out of the way, but in the dim light I didn’t notice it until later when I loaded the image on the computer.

Here I raised the ISO to 400 and focused on the little plant. (I knew I was photographing that plant this time). I like how this one turned out.

Finally, this is ISO 100 with blurred focus. I’ve mentioned before that I have NO idea what technically proper photography is, I just try to take images that I will enjoy looking at and remembering the time when I snapped the photo.

With that said, this is my favorite image. I love the hint that it’s a tree we’re looking at, but you don’t really know what it is other than lovely light. Yet I am certain that this is a technically flawed photo.

It truly was a magical sunset last night. If you’ve ever been to Savannah, I bet the live oaks and spanish moss remind you of your visit. If you haven’t been, I would recommend that you make a weekend trip to this beautiful coastal destination. I love that I get to visit my parents down here, it’s like a vacation with a home cooked dinner.


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3 thoughts on “Savannah Sunsets

  1. I’ve always wanted to see Savannah, Charleston, etc. – all the great historic southern coastal cities. My mom and I talk about taking a driving tour some day. I hope we make it there. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous trees and Spanish moss. It’s one of my favorite things about living on the “third coast.” Happy birthday to your Dad!

  2. My hub owes me a trip there. It was my birthday present from last yr and we still haven’t gone. He kept wanting to go this summer and I told him we’d never been, but I was sure the middle of summer was not the best tine to go ; ) So, when is the best time weather wise?? I was thinking around now or springtime?? Any suggestions on what are the must sees???

  3. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Some day I will get there………I would love to see the marshes, live oaks and Spanish moss! Love the pics, and Happy 29th to your dad!!

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