Old Friends

I hope that when I’m turning 66 like my dad, I have friends that are willing to drive 5 hours to share a piece of cake!

This is my dad’s dearest friend, Butch. He is my Uncle Butch, there’s no blood relation but that does not mean that he isn’t family. We’ve spent Christmases and Thanksgivings and Birthdays and Weddings together. They are our family, and we love them.

And this is Uncle Butch’s lovely wife, my Aunt Pat. You probably notice her comments on this site quite often. She is so supportive of everything I do.

I like to listen to my parents and their friends reminisce about days-gone-by. Uncle Butch laughed as I took their photos, saying:

“I wish I could find that picture I have of your dad at a race track in Texas. It was hot that day, wasn’t it Mike?”

My dad, “Awwww, it wasn’t too bad I don’t think…” He shakes his head and puts his head in his hands.

Butch, he laughs hardily, “Oh yeah, it was hot. 100 degrees or so. I told your dad drinking brown liquor in this hot weather wasn’t a good idea, but he didn’t want to listen. Oh he paid, he paid big time.”

Dad, “Naaaah. I was a real man, I could hold my liquor.”

I wonder what stories my friends will tell about me 30 years from now?

I know Susan will tell my college smoking story. I never knew anyone, other than my parents and their grown up friends, who smoked. When I saw Susan and a few of the other girls openly smoking cigarettes, I was mesmerized. Susan says I was like a little kid when I said with my hand over my mouth and eyes opened wide, “You smoke?”. I didn’t yet know that everyone at my college smoked. It was a pre-requisite I think.

In order to fit in, I made my way to the local convenience store. It was called, “Fast and Easy”. So of course we called it, “The Fast and Sleezy”. But I digress… I bought the only cigarettes I was familiar with, the smokes my dad chose, Winston Reds in a soft-pack.

I proudly approached the room of the older, wiser and way cooler Susan with my purchase. I nervously knocked on her door, ready to fit in with the smokers. Susan opened the door, a cloud of smoke following, and I waved my Winston Reds in the air proudly saying that I’m ready to join the club!

She laughed at me. HARD.

Susan, “Have you ever smoked one of those?”

Me, “This is what I always smoke.” I was lying. “It’s what my dad smokes.”

Susan, “You bought what your dad smokes? If you can smoke a whole one of those cigarettes you’re a better woman than me! Come on in….”

I was part of the crowd! I was a college smoker! Then I took a drag and stifled the cough. I raised my head to the ceiling to blow out the smoke, because that’s what my mom did… Susan laughed at me again. The second puff, cough. Third puff, gag-cough.

I finally had to admit defeat, Winston Reds had kicked my butt. I think I probably moved on to some cooler brand of cigarette like Virginia Slims or Misty’s – do they still sell Misty’s? When I was in college those were so cool…

Ahhhh, the life of a college student.

The story my Aunt Pat likes to tell is how she worried that my Uncle Butch wouldn’t go through with their wedding 39 years ago. He and my dad shared an old house on a horse-farm. It was nearing Super-Bowl season and my dad had the Color TV! But, lucky for her, and lucky for Uncle Butch, my dad gave up the Color TV so they could move forward with their nuptial and life together.

So what stories will your friends tell in 30 years?


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5 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. i was such a bad influence on you….sorry

  2. Oh I’m not telling any of my stories! And if my friends know what’s good for them, they won’t tell, either! 🙂 ha ha, just kidding, I don’t have much to tell. *much.*

  3. Pat Luther on said:

    With your Mom and Dad as our best friends we have gone through weddings (both of ours), births, deaths, Thanksgivings, Christmas, birthdays and most important children. Between us we have four of the most beautiful, smartest, sweetest daughters imaginable. Unfortunately you are all grown up and we can’t get everyone together as much as we would like but we still find our time with all of ya’ll precious. We love you!

  4. I only smoked once in my life – of course, I was also trying to look cool….but the hacking and pain that ensued did little for my image, I am sure. I just remember the slicing pain at the base of my neck and then thinking “why would anyone keep on smoking if this is how it starts?” I am comforted by the fact that my mom has a similar smoking trying to look cool story that has us all laughing whenever we can get her to tell it.


  5. I STILL love to listen to our dads sit around and tell all their old stories!!! I can even tolerate their stories about us…I EVEN told some of my Marines, just the other day, about how I’ve never been a fan of frozen waffles, because, even as a little-bitty thing, I knew that any waffles were much better “waam”. I don’t think that they appreciated the story as much as we do, but I sure miss those days…and I still don’t remember ever seeing your mom smoke.

    Do you think that, when we’re our parents’ ages that we’ll sit around and tell our kids all of our old stories? I hope that we will – you know – I’m a big believer in the idea that family is as much (if not more) who you choose to share your life with as it is who you’re genetically related to, and the Luther-(Weller-Gibson-Adams)-Esther clan was a damn good pick. I can’t remember there ever being anything important that we didn’t share with y’all, and one of the things I most look forward to after Gary retires (potentially in just 6 short years!!!) is our whole clan actually getting to spend holidays and birthdays and hell, even just weekends together!

    We miss you guys tons, and hope that we will be able to make it down for Thanksgiving!!! Love y’all!

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