1. My fingernails look horrible.

2. My toenails look worse.

3. All 3 of my dogs are snoring right now. It’s raining, it’s pouring, my doggies are snoring. It really is pouring out there, and it’s COLD!

4. I had someone come and measure for new carpet yesterday, it’s horrifying how many dust balls are in the corners of my home. Do I EVER clean??? I felt better when I apologized for the dust bunnies and the lady said my house was one of the cleanest she’s seen lately. Then she qualified with explaining that she had carpeted one room in a hoarder’s house then measured in a house with 20+ dogs and the carpet actually squished under her feet from all the urine. Um, yuck. I no longer felt better about my home if that’s the “worse than” that it was compared to.

5. We had a scorpion in the bathroom last night. I freaked. Then I died. Then I freaked some more. I was screaming as I was freaking and dying.

6. Did I mention that scorpions are gross? They freak me out.

7. Nigel the blind wiener dog is sleeping on the arm of the couch. He just rolled off and landed in the seat of the couch and acted like nothing happened. But I saw him and laughed.

8. I’m so happy the mid-term elections are over. As an advertiser I couldn’t stand watching the ads that were poor quality, messages that were convoluted and confusing and mis-targeted, and frankly I don’t really care how much the opponents hate one another – just tell me what YOU can do for US!!! Ugh.

9. I hate scorpions. I freak.

10. I loved that big White Oak hanging over the back of my house when we purchased here. Now I curse it. I swept up a pile of acorns the size of a VW Bug yesterday on my back deck. We hear them hitting the roof and it sounds like a rifle being shot. Dang White Oak.

11. I’m off to make my nails a little more presentable because they are currently atrocious. Did I mention that already???

12. I often forget when I’ve already said something and I repeat myself.

13. I hate scorpions. I freak.

14. I had to have a 14 because I would never end on a 13… that’s just bad joo joo.


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7 thoughts on “Randomly

  1. Loved your list. It’s raining here, too. Boy, did we need it! Poor Nigel…I was so happy to hear he landed on the cushion instead of the floor! I’m also sick of political ads, so I took advantage of early voting, then turned off my TV for a week. I’m never rude to callers, but I’ve been hanging up on people lately. It’s none of their business who I’m voting for. And I have a hangnail on almost every finger. I need to get on that. I’ve been lost for 4 days in a book – The Girl Who Played With Fire. I’m reading the series. The first was The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. Both were good reads. And if you’re tired of those super-sized acorns, send me some! I have a few ways I could use them. We don’t have them here. We have huge, gorgeous live oaks in south Texas, but they produce tiny acorns. I’ll happily provide a mailing address and reimburse you for postage! Have a great week, and enjoy that manicure.

  2. Wanna come give me a manicure, too? Please?

    I have never seen a scorpion and I really don’t want to. Especially in the house. That’s not okay. I’m glad you’re not affected by seeing a scorpion, though. 😉

  3. When we lived in Minnesota – our property was covered with white oaks – our first fall in the house was frightening because when the acorns fell it was loud and scary and there were a lot of them…..so instead of a rifle sound – it would be more of a machine gun – rat-a-tat-tat. By the time we moved, years later, we didn’t even hear them anymore! In our bedroom, we could also hear the squirrels trot across our roof – which was really scary the first time we heard that too. I wonder if we should have warned the new homeowners or not?

  4. Heehee! I know just what you mean about the acorns!! My Jack Russell eats them! I try to keep her from doing it, but that is like trying to keep them from falling ; ) Of course I spend hours sweeping and raking but there are still enough to cover our entire patio the next day! They taunt me even now from the yard! I have no idea what to do with them all! Can you burn them? We take them with all our leaves, etc.. but those suckers are HEAVY!!

  5. If it helps, my nails, toenails, hair, skin and house are all atrocious…but even better, have you ever heard Jeremy and Gary talk about the scorpions they dealt with “over there”. Just a week or two ago, Gary was telling me about one that they’d found in a tent, and he swears it was as big as Zoey is – now, you and I know he’s probably exaggerating, but I’m willing to bed that it was probably 3 or 4 inches long…and poor Tina, we were at my office the other night, and she thought her hair was falling out of her ball cap, but it was really a huge, scary spider…the “wild” animals here will walk right up to you and wait for YOU to get out of THEIR way, and the insects here are the size of small animals…can I come live with you? I’ll kill all the scorpions if you kill all the spiders 🙂

  6. I’m also willing to BET that I shouldn’t do anything that requires a functioning brain until at least my 3rd cup of coffee!!!

  7. Honey,
    You need to submit Nigel’s picture to the Pioneer Woman contest. Surely it would be a winner.

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