Nigel was sick last night…

I was up allllllllll night with a certain little weenie dog. I’m not naming names, but NIGEL was to blame. 1am, 2:30am, 4am, 6am, 7am he was up, pacing around the bed shaking and crying to go outside.

Did I mention that it was cold and raining last night? And did I mention that Nigel doesn’t like to potty outside when it is cold and raining, so I had to carry him out to the grass or he would just walk back in the house to, um, take care of business. (Oh to be a pretty, pretty princess weenie dog…). This means that I was wet and cold in the middle of the night in my pj’s.

So this morning, so that I don’t hold my sleepless night against Nigel, and so that I can move on with my life, I needed to look at cute photos of the little pest. I needed a reminder that he’s adorable, not just a nuisance that kept me up all night. I did tell you that he woke me up several times didn’t I?

Oh, yeah, and at 4am I was actually getting worried about him so I decided to wake up my husband.

“Babe. Babe.” Shake shake shake. “Babe.”


“I think something is wrong with Nigel. I’ve been up with him all night, but he’s shaking and swollen again.”

Side note – Nigel has a doggy disease called Cushings. It messes with his thyroid and when things get out of whack for him, he swells. Usually a Pepcid gets things in working order fairly quickly, but last night it wasn’t kicking in fast enough for my liking…

“Would you take a look at Nigel and see if he seems sicker than normal to you?”

My husband reaches out his hand, pets my arm and says, “He seems fine to me.”

SERIOUSLY? “Fine, I’ll just take him out AGAIN and handle this all by myself as usual!”


This is when I started feeling really sorry for myself, oh and for Nigel too. I’ll admit it, when I’m losing sleep I feel sorry for ME first, the sick animal is second. Perhaps I should feel bad about this, but here’s the truth…I’ll give you or any animal anything I have. Money, food, my time, my effort, I’d even give my blood before I want to give of my sleep. Seriously, I NEED that sleep. I’m an 8 hour a night kinda gal… not 7, not 6, certainly not like 3!!!!! 9 would be nice! 10 is better. My point, I’m totally greedy with my sleep.

Nigel is lucky he’s so cute.

I’m not bitter that I’m exhausted. I’m not bitter that I’m exhausted. I’m not bitter that I’m exhausted. Maybe if I say it a few more times I’ll actually believe it…

Good day to you all…

Forever Bitter,


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8 thoughts on “Nigel was sick last night…

  1. Poor Boy! I hope he feels better today. 😦

    I had a few nights like that with Ginger and I felt the same way – me first. I was just thinking the other night that I’m really a 10 hour a night girl. I can function on 8, but I am a little edgier than usual.

    Now go take a nap, woman!!!

  2. I hope he’s feeling better! The things we do for our 4-legged kids. 🙂

  3. Oh, Nigel. How I love having access to your life. You are such a cute wee beastie. I love the last photo of you laying belly up on the bed. I like to do that, too. I hope you appreciate what a good life we have. Now swear to sleep all night and let Mommy rest tonight. Two nights in a row would be suicidal. Hope you feel better soon, my friend.
    – Ziggy
    PS – I hate going potty in the rain, too. I thought that’s what nice rugs were for, but evidently it’s not. Lesson learned.

  4. Oh, my, I feel your pain. I have said many, many times to my kids – “you are lucky you are so cute!” I guess God knew what he was doing when he created animals and children, because our first natural instinct is to think…how is this going to affect me? I am with Kandi, maybe it is a genetic thing, but, if I am honest, I too am a 10 hour a night kind of gal….I often wonder what my husband will think of the new improved me when the kids are grown and I am not up at night with them…honestly, he probably won’t even recognize me as the same woman!!!

    Go take a nap! It is the perfect day for one!

  5. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Poor you! Hope Nigel feels better, and you get some sleep………… you will have to sleep till tomorrow to catch up!

  6. Pat Luther on said:

    Practice, practice, practice. For parenthood that is. Good news is that with kids maybe you won’t have to take them out in the rain and cold in the middle of the night. Hope you and Nigel have a better night tonight.

  7. Oh poor you and Nigel too! I’m with you on the sleep. Sleepy Me is UGLY!! I will eat my young for a good 9 hours! And my hubby has started snoring over the past few years!! This is just NOT good for Sleepy Me! Sleepy Me thinks bad thoughts like “I wonder if I’d hear him with the pillow over his head” in the midfle of the night! Sooo, thank goodness there are naps and that love is stronger than sleep or I fear we’d both be sorry in the morning, heehee! I sure hope Nigel is feeling better! As for me, I will try ear plugs ; )

  8. Found your blog through Kandi. Your dog is so stinkin’ cute.

    I love the repeat chant! Mine today would be…I’m not made that Bre spilled red kool-aid on the floor. lol

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