We have another hound that seeks out the sun. Natalie loves to have her back warmed by the sun coming through the window in our foyer.

Of course Natalie can only enjoy the sun ‘IF’ her brother, the pretty pretty princess weenie dog, isn’t currently enjoying the sun himself. Or if she is sitting in the sun and the princess wants his place back, she will get up for him. Nigel needs not even say anything, she sees him coming and she just moves.

How exactly has Nigel commanded this kind of respect? I need to know, because I would enjoy it if others would move off of the comfortable spot on the couch when I enter the room. Or better yet, if a certain someone would immediately turn the TV to the channel I like simply because I entered the room. Wouldn’t that rock?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Oh to be a pretty, pretty princess weenie dog.

And oh to be a floppy eared Basset with big ol’ feet and funny lil’ body that everybody wants to pet. All she has to do is stand by her food bowl to signal when it’s time to eat, and magically a meal appears!

I kinda think she knows that she’s been rescued. It’s hard to explain, but she just seems appreciative of every little thing she receives from us and is so giving to the other dogs. You may note that I don’t have any recent photos of Nash…there’s a reason for that. He can’t sit still with the new dog around. He is constantly jumping, running, rolling around with her. Every photo I have of him over the past week is a blur. And yet, Natalie is so cool about it all, she just plays and plays with him…almost as if it’s her payment for room and board to entertain the big ol’ stinky cattle dog.

Soon she’ll realize that we’ll love her even if she’s as snotty as Nigel. (Man I hope he doesn’t rub off on her…)


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One thought on “Doggies

  1. Have you noticed that Nigel and Natalie have the same build? Natalie is bigger and has longer ears, but they look very similar in your photos. You need to try taking photos of Nash with the other two. They could be in focus, and Nash could be a blur – just like in real life! It’s either that, or crank your shutter speed to the maximum setting. I love all your dogs. They’re like kids – each special and unique. Ziggy also loves a good sunny napping spot. If I can’t find him, I start checking the window sills. If the sun’s hitting a certain window, I know he’ll be between the blinds and the glass.

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