Advice – I listened

Remember my nightmare in mid-October? I’ll spare you the photo as a reminder, my husband the master-hunter killed a 250+ pound bear.

And he wants to have it made into a bear skin rug.

Hold on, I feel an anxiety attack coming on… Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Okay, a sip of pumpkin spice coffee and a pet of the dog’s head and I feel better.

Where was I? Oh yes, the bear skin rug… Well I heard all of your advice and I have spent the entire week preparing a man cave. I lovingly painted the Barney Purple walls in our basement to a gorgeous (and manly) beige color. I even went so far as to paint the white trim a lovely chocolate (errr, I mean Grizzly) brown. It’s all very masculine! And new carpet is being installed tomorrow.

Here’s the deal – I don’t mess around. I hear bear skin rug, I freak out and make stuff happen around here. I can’t have that thing in my den. My husband reminds me that we’re months from having the rug actually arrive here, but none-the-less, I’m ready for it.

Well, I thought I was… until I said something along the lines of, “Well, now you have a room to lay out your rug. But you’ll have to keep the dogs out of here because I’m sure they will want to abuse that rug!”

His response, “Oh, I’m not putting it on the floor. I want to hang it on the wall.”

Me, “But, it’s a RUG, right? Wouldn’t it go on the floor?”

Him, “Babe… (he rolls his eyes like I’m just so last year) Don’t you know it’s like the in-thing to hang your bear rugs on the wall?”

Me, “The in-thing according to whom?”

Him, “Well aint you been to Bass Pro Shops lately? They have their bears on the walls, and I’m sure they pay big bucks to designers to make sure their stores have all the in-things.”

Okay, I feel another panic attack… I need coffee…

I needed an excuse to paint the basement anyway. It’s 1/3 of our home that we never use. The rooms were purple and this dark rust color. Now half of it is lodge-like and appropriate for my husband’s ruckus group of buddies to have a football watching party. The other half, I haven’t completed yet, but it will be a gorgeous color called appropriately, “Asparagus”.

I can’t wait to see that room transformed. I will be setting it up as my office. (For all of my mission critical work that I do…) Or, a peaceful and happy place for me to focus on that novel I’ve been writing. (I haven’t really been writing a novel, but it sounds better if I justify an office space for myself).

So all of this is to say that I listened to all of your advice regarding the man cave. I will post photos very soon as we progress in the basement.


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6 thoughts on “Advice – I listened

  1. I can’t remember if I shared this with you before – but when I was young, my parents had a friend who had a lake cabin in northern Minnesota that they let us borrow. It was a beautiful cabin, nice view of the lake, a real kitchen, a large living room and a bear skin rug – hung on wall – just to the left of the door when you walked in. It was in a hallway of sorts that led you to the living room. If you went straight you went to the bedrooms and kitchen and then that would also wrap around the to living room. Guess which way I always took? I could hardly bring myself to walk past it -even when I was old enough to know that it wasn’t going to come to life and jump off the wall and attack me!

    I assumed the reason he was hung on the wall was because my parents friends probably knew we would ruin Mr. Bear within moments of our arrival if he was on the floor – much less intimidating down there than big and tall on the wall – if you know what I mean?!?! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

    • Ha! I was just thinking of that bear skin on the wall of the cabin as I was reading this post! It scared me, too, but I also thought it was cool. What I remember most was the open mouth and very sharp teeth!

  2. Can’t wait to see pictures and you know, if it’s the in thing, ya gotta hang the bear skin on the wall.

    I bet you’ll make the room look really good…I like the lodge/rustic look! 🙂

  3. I’m anxious to see how it turns out. I like the lodge look a lot.
    I’m writing a novel too! One paragraph a week, minimum.

  4. Hunting in WI is HUGE! I have no problem eating venison, and seeing a deer head on a wall is tolerable (albeit sad.) But a bear? On a wall?! *shiver* No, thank you! (BTW, am new to your blog. Love it!!)

    • Welcome to L&V! And thanks for visiting. I was just talking with my aunt yesterday up in WI, she was telling me that their church play was snowed out this past weekend. And she is worried about rescheduling because rifle season is opening up this week… ha ha…

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