Hug a vet

I have to apologize, I have NOTHING to photograph this week except the dogs. I mean, I guess I could have taken a photo of my delicious lunch at Sonic today. But I doubt any of you care about my tots and burger.

And maybe I could have taken a photo while I was getting a pedicure (FINALLY), but how interesting is that really? I mean, I did choose a funky navy blue color. Because I like to live life right on the edge.

Or perhaps I should have photographed the young men washing my SUV at the local car wash. But again, didn’t cross my mind to take a picture of that.

Oh I know, maybe you would have liked a photo of my very fancy dinner of ramen noodles!? Or better yet my dessert of frozen grasshopper cookies?

My point? While I’ve had a lovely day, I have had few photo ops. My poor husband is working a very long shift today, so I couldn’t even cook him a big dinner as a thank you for his service on Veteran’s day. Isn’t it ironic that banks and USPS get the day off, but active duty service members have to work like it’s just any other day.

So I pampered myself with a pedicure, clean car and fast food to honor my husband. (Did you buy that???) But tomorrow he’ll get his favorite meal and I might even surprise him with his loved pumpkin bread. And I’ll hug his neck and thank him for making it home safely to me, just like he promised he would do.

So y’all – don’t forget to hug a vet today!


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5 thoughts on “Hug a vet

  1. I found that ironic too…95% of the Marines on this base were off, and all the non-retail civilian employees of Camp Lejeune, but my poor husband, and his Marines had to work. Gary didn’t make it home until after 1700, and he has duty from 0700 tomorrow until 0700 on Saturday, then our THIRD (yes, 3 this year) Ball on Sunday…why is it that our two husbands seem to be the most overworked in their respective services? Oh wait! I know – it is because they care more about doing their best to protect us than they do about having a day off! I see many beers and many glasses of wine in our near future, while the boys tell war stories and we just sit back and enjoy the bond that started and cousins, grew as friends, matured as women and military spouses, and will forever be implanted on our hearts as family! Love you, miss you, can’t wait to see you! Give J a BIG thank you hug for me!

    • I better have wine BEFORE Aunt Pat’s dinner or I fear there won’t be any room left! Can’t wait to see y’all. We still don’t know if J will get Thanksgiving off or not, but he is really hoping for it…
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  2. When I read your title, I thought you must’ve had to take Natalie to the vet again and were telling us all to hug our veterinarians. I’m reading this Friday morning so I didn’t even connect it with Veteran’s Day. Blonde moment.

    Anyways, sorry your hubby had to work such a long day! I don’t have a vet to hug so you’ll have to give him an extra one for me. I am so thankful!!! It’s very sweet of you to make him his favorite dinner, too.

  3. I don’t have a Vet nearby that I can hug either – so give yours an extra one from me and all 6 of my kids, will you?

    Have you posted your pumpkin bread recipe? What is his favorite meal?

  4. Tell J I’m proud to know him and hopefully soon he will be proud to know me too for the same reason!

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