A trying day…

This morning started out a little rough…

It was raining out, but I needed to load Natalie into the car for a little trip. So I walked her in the rain for only a brief moment, long enough for her to tinkle, then I hustled her into the back of my car.

Then we began driving, she whimpered. I assured her that everything was okay, she whimpered again. The usually silent dog actually barked. My assumption, she is just confused and nervous in the car.

Then the smell… OH NO. Natalie pooped in my car.

It’s my fault. She tried to tell me and I chose to ignore her cries.

When Natalie and I arrived at our destination, I cleaned her mess and walked her into the office. This is where my trying day began. I had to drop off my new little baby girl to be spayed and to have dental work done on her sad little teeth. Did I tell you that the vet said that it looked like she had probably starved at some point and had eaten dirt to fill her growling belly? That apparently takes a toll on a little Basset Hound’s teeth.

As the vet tech began walking away with my little toe-licker, I had a moment where I wanted to change my mind. Maybe she didn’t really need this surgery, maybe another day would be better. A day where I hadn’t embarrassed her by making her poop in the back of my car. A day when my husband could have carried her to the vet instead of me!

And then our little uniform warmer did something I’ve never had happen to me before as I dropped off an animal at the vet…She began to cry. Howling and pulling on her leash to get to me.

It made me contemplate how many times she must have been left before. How many times she’s wondered if her care-giver was coming back. I worry that she didn’t understand me when I said I’d be back tomorrow.

Now that baby, who likes to sprawl out on her belly, is sleeping in a cage. She’s sore after her surgery and wondering what in the world has happened to her. She is doped up and drowsy and probably really ready to come home.

I wonder if my waddley, big eared Basset is missing her brothers.

I can assure you that Nash misses her. All he’s done is mope around all day.

And quite honestly…that’s all I’ve done too.


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5 thoughts on “A trying day…

  1. Pat Luther on said:

    Leaving a pet at the vet is a hard thing to do but just think how happy you will both be to see each other when she comes home.
    She will need some special cuddling so explain to Nash and Nigel that they will have to give you two some girl time.

  2. MommytoThree on said:

    I cried so much when leaving mine at the vet that he agreed to let me be there with her even through her surgery…. and I was there when she woke up. I was even able to take her home later that day. They don’t understand but I am sure she will be so happy to see you that she will instantly forget that you even left her! As for her ovaries… the fact that she will not make you take her to the vet in the middle of the night with Pyometria will be thanks enough! And the dental disease can lead to heart problems and blood infections. You definitely did right by her! I am sure she will love you even more when she realizes this loving home is forever!

  3. Ohhhh poor Natalie and you! Just imagine how excited and reassured she’ll be to see you when you pick her up.

  4. I was thinking just what Jenny said – she is going to be so happy to see you!!! Poor little thing!


  5. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    She is so lucky to have landed in your care and family! Your reunion will be very sweet, can’t wait to hear about it!

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