Noodle Chasing

This is what I have grown used to witnessing between Nash and Natalie. She is the best toy we have ever brought home for Nash! That’s what he thinks she is anyway…just a play-thing for his pleasure.

I have more photos like this than I care to admit. If they are together, they are playing. She runs with him, jumps on him, rolls over on her back and lets Nash drool all over her, they have rapidly become best friends.

Natalie came home yesterday, and she is still a little under the weather. She took naps in her two favorite places – on the couch and on my husband’s uniforms. He uses the hearth as his closet so that he can get dressed at 4am in the den, instead of in our bedroom where he may disturb my beauty sleep. But Natalie likes to drag his clean uniform off of the hearth and fluff it up for her comfort. My husband thinks it’s so cute that he just lets her do it now.

But with her feeling lousy, Nash just did not know what to do with himself. All he heard all day was:

“No Nash.”

“Leave her alone Nash.”


“STOP Nash!”

“Nash, you have to go outside now.”

Finally, I decided that Nash needed some entertainment…

This is when the new game, Noodle Chasing, was born.

I would dangle a spaghetti noodle up pretty high in front of Nash. He wanted it BAD, I have the piles of drool drying on my kitchen floor to prove how badly he wanted it.

The trick was figuring out how to eat up the noodle without breaking it, or he’d have to jump up to catch it all over again. He got really good at it, and I laughed quite hardily at his attempts.

Yes, this is lame. I know. But it was 30 degrees outside, and we couldn’t have chewies or babies out for him to play with because Natalie can’t have any of those things after her dental work, and it was 30 degrees outside. Did I mention it was 30 degrees outside? And if I got Nash too excited Natalie would want to join in the fun, but she needed to rest. And Nash likes noodles.

Most importantly, Natalie is doing well and was so happy to see me yesterday. I opened the car door and was going to gently lift her in, but she was so thrilled to be headed home that before I could stop her she hopped right in and was ready to hit the road.

I’m off to submit my new game to the dog whisperer, I’m sure he can use this in one of his shows…

Don’t you wish you lived in this world of thrill along with us?


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3 thoughts on “Noodle Chasing

  1. I’m so glad they’re friends! And it is so cute that she sleeps on your hubby’s uniforms! What a fun addition to your household she is…I like your dog posts!

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    I’m glad Natalie is home and well. I know the boys are all glad to have her back.

  3. We play “Noodle” here too ; ) It cracks me up to watch them try to suck the noodle down!! They kind of chomp, chew, nibble, pull, suck it down sort of thing!! And mine don’t like theirs to break either, haha!! Oh the things we all do with our dogs!!
    Aren’t hubbies who get dressed in another room just the best! Mine does that for me too. I LOVE that about him!!! It almost makes up for some of their annoying habits. (You see I said almost, LOL)

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