Pecan Tassies delivered to YOU?

Any guesses what this is?

Go ahead, take a few minutes to look at it real well before casting your vote.

I’ll tell you this – there is no distortion in the image, there are no tricks nor mirrors, this is just a crop of a larger image.

Cast your vote.

Given that the holidays are here, and that I’ll be making 1,000 of them anyway…the first person to guess the correct answer will receive a tin of my homemade pecan tassies shipped to their home.

Guesses will be accepted until 6pm on Tuesday, and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning.

Good luck!!!


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8 thoughts on “Pecan Tassies delivered to YOU?

  1. My Guess…Your first snow on a bush in your yard.

  2. It is something on a computer screen or a cell phone screen, but I have no idea what!

    I will be in your neck of the woods for Thanksgiving! Ellijay…I can’t wait!

  3. Pat Luther on said:

    A load of laundry in the dryer??

  4. My guess: Something valuable that your dogs chewed up?

  5. Hmmmm, Looks like it used to be a book or magazine until someone, dog will be named later : () got ahold it!! I am just rememebering our Lab puppy days ; ) Hope it wasn’t too valuable; )

  6. Oh no!!!! Wait a minute!!! I don’t know if two guesses are allowed but I just got a horrible hubby flashback!! It is what is left of your hubby’s cellphone??? Mine has ruined more cellphones, several while on active duty, and I just had that memory when I walled by his phone!! Uh-Oh!!

  7. I think I am too late – but I am guessing anyway….looks like something chewed up that is in a pencil cup….or a playpen – it looks like mesh of some kind….and the “stuff” chewed up definitely looks 3D, so not just paper…..I can’t wait to hear what this is!!!!

  8. Janiece on said:

    It looks like a Santa Claus sitting on something? Could it be a wrapped package?

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