Acrylic Nails

So I have a question… are acrylic nails still cool?

When I see a woman with her nails perfectly shaped and painted, I envy how pretty they are. I used to have acrylic nails, and I’m not really sure when or where that changed, but I haven’t had them in years now.

I know when I was travelling a lot, it was just too much to maintain. And now it is a financial decision to do my own nails.

But I can’t remember for all that time in-between why I didn’t have my nails done. I would like to think that I am just so hip and trendy that I led the curve with a more natural look, but that would just be a fib.

I was at the ol’ Wally World today (shopping for a ratchet set for the carpet installers, but that’s a different story for a different day), the lady checking me out had long, french manicured acrylic nails. I actually commented how nice her nails looked, and she flashed a little snowman she had painted on her pinky nail. The sorta ruined it for me, but I have to admit, I left Wally World thinking that I miss getting my nails done.

I realize that I am totally not cool enough to pull off a paint job like this one. But a nice american manicure, or a lovely shade of red on my long, perfect acrylic nails would be a nice change.

I kinda thought it would be a fun thing to ask for from Santa, a gift certificate to provide me with a few visits to the local nail salon. But I sincerely don’t know if that is totally a 1997 kinda thing to do or not.

And just on an acrylic nail side note: I will never forget when I was in a nail salon as a teenager getting my totally necessary acrylic nail fill-in before going out on a Saturday night, there was another young woman getting her nails done and they were really, really long.

An older woman sitting next to her watched intently, making faces as the nails were shaped and painted a shade of hot, fluorescent pink. The older lady finally said, “Honey, I gotta ask… how do you wipe your behind with nails that long???”


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6 thoughts on “Acrylic Nails

  1. LOL about the wiping!! They are technically out of fashion and short natural nails are in vogue…but to each his own!!! I say if you want them, go for it.

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    I use to have them, but I just couldn’t stand going in every 2 (or in my case 3 0r 4) weeks to get fills. Really liked the way they look though!

  3. I love having acrylics, the paint doesn’t chip, they don’t break like my natural nails always did – you know what I mean…just about the time that they’re all grown out evenly to just the perfect length, one breaks on a very conspicuous finger – down to the very shortest it possibly can, then you have to suck it up with one little midget nail or just cut ’em all?

    And I feel like my hands look thinner when my nails are done…

    But…what a pain in the a$$! Between the time and money and trying to get in with the ONE good nail guy in town? Now that Ball season is over, these claws are coming off…until next November…

  4. I’ve only gotten them on special occasions (2 proms and my wedding) but I LOVED how “fancy” I felt with them on. The only downside is that I was physically unable to button any of my pants. But dang! That French Manicure looked good! 😉

  5. personally i think you should go with a look like the last pic….lol

  6. I’ve never had them because my own nails grow so fast. BUT, I hate having junk under my nails so I keep them filed down.
    They are very pretty on other people:)

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