Baby, it’s cold outside

Brrrrrrrr! It-t-t-t is too-oo-ooth ch-ch-chattering c-c-c-cold outside!

I’m a Southerner y’all, I don’t have the chops to endure this kind of weather. I went to the grocery store today and kept my gloves on the entire time I was shopping. It’s hard to feel for fresh fruit with fleece gloves on, but I managed.

It’s so cold in fact, that even Nigel was willing to cuddle with Natalie. He’ll snuggle with humans all day long, but he does not like other beasts to enter his personal space. But with temperatures in the teens, and a blanket to keep the cooties off of him, he allowed the new dog to warm his bones.

I’m sorry this is so blurry, but it’s such a sweet story. Natalie is such a “mom”. The whole time they laid on the couch together, Natalie constantly checked to ensure Nigel was doing okay. She’d sniff him and lick the top of his head.

Of course Nigel’s response to this kindness was to growl, but no one is perfect. I’ve been pretty moody lately too, so I can’t judge him too much.

I hope all of you are staying warm. My poor husband has to work overnight tomorrow in the frigid temperatures, I just hope he doesn’t get even sicker that he has already been. (That’s the nice way of saying I hope he doesn’t bring home any new illnesses to ME).

Let’s face it, there’s two beeyotches in this house – me…. and Nigel.


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6 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Hahahahahaha….cooties and beeyotches! Very funny. I think you should move Natalie and Nigel over, steal the blanket, and cuddle up for a nice warm nap with your two loveable little hot water bottles. Where’s Nash, by the way? Inside your husband’s jacket while he works outside? Funny to imagine it, anyway. Stay warm!!

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Too funny! Love it, we have too many beeyotches in our house, but I’m the queen beeyotch!
    Natalie sure found a great place to land, so happy you are hers! 🙂

  3. I’m with you, it’s toooooo cooooollllllldddd here in the south right now!!!! I am not liking it either and it’s making me a little beeyotchy too!! Good thing my broom still flys in the cold ; )

  4. Alex, you’d better bundle up yourself, your dear hubby and your sweet beasties. Tonight’s news said that your part of the world is about to get some serious cold weather this weekend – as low as 12F. I can’t even wrap my head around that. Why do I have an image of all of you huddled beneath a bearskin rug? Good luck & stay warm! -Jeanne

  5. This is way better than a brick & mortar etsbialshment.

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