I have had the craziest dreams all the week.

They are very involved and confusing. I’m not sure I could make sense of any of them to repeat to you, but I wake up feeling as though I was already awake all night working on whatever I was dreaming about.

Two nights in a row my dreams have included a girlfriend of mine named Corryn, and her little red convertible. Night before last I dreamed she was blocked in my driveway, and I didn’t have the keys to my husband’s truck. Corryn said, “No problem! My car will fit under his truck…” Then she put the top down and whipped her little sports car between the tires of the truck and directly underneath the body of the truck.

I have no reason for the dream, it didn’t have a point…totally random.

Then last night I dreamed Corryn was at my house again, and she parked her little red convertible in our garage. When she put the garage door up, somehow the door snagged something on the car and broke it. She had to have the car towed because she couldn’t get it to start and the top was half up/half down.

There were other vignettes thrown in there… like a wedding between an older couple, and my grandfather was there in a wheelchair. I cooked a meal that had no color, I was so upset that I hadn’t thought to add a colorful salad or something. It was like a turkey, mashed potatoes, navy beans and bread. It looked like a plate full of paste.

These dreams are so random and strange, I don’t even know what to think about them. It’s night after night, not just a occassional occurence. I guess I am just grateful that they aren’t scary, they’re just weird!

So…I’m sure you all have those crazy dream sequences, you have to share!

Maybe Brad Pitt will be in my dream tonight!


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6 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. I think they are pregnancy dreams! I always dream crazy when I am pregnant. You should take a poll and see if other people have them when they are pregnant.


  2. Now you’re talking! You just need to combine them all, like this… Brad Pitt shows up in a red convertible. He wants to sweep you away for a colorless dinner in an exotic location. You say, “Let’s do this!” Just as he leans in to kiss your rosy pregnant cheek, Nigel licks your face and wakes you up. Dang it, Nigel!

  3. EmmyJune on said:

    Totally pregnancy dreams!!!

  4. PaigeNicole on said:

    Glad you weren’t dreaming you were being chased and throwing packs of dentyne gum to defend yourself 😉

  5. I agree, these are pregnancy dreams for sure! I had the weirdest dreams while I was pregnant. I kept dreaming that I was pregnant with kittens. Enjoy the dreams because it is your body’s way of saying things are settling in and your pregnancy is taking over.

    I used to work for an Ob/Gyn and he told me once that a pregnant woman’s body chemistry is so dramatically different from a non-pregnant female and a male (obviously) that, medically speaking, a pregnant woman is a third ‘species’ or classification of human. The chemical changes are incredible and if you think of how quickly they happen it adds to the magical quality of pregnancy.

    College lecture is over- enjoy your day.

  6. Ha! I was thinking, “those are totally pregnancy dreams” and then I saw all the other comments…so I guess I’m not the only one. I have to say again…I am so happy for your pregnancy! What a blessing!

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