A warm wiener…

We have a few priorities in our home. I would say they rank in importance as follows:

Never run out of dog food.

Never run out of tea bags or sugar (cuz us Southerners drink lots o’ sweet tea).

Never run out of toilet paper (see notes on tea above).

Never ever never let your wiener get cold.

So we keep a fire going for the dogs. They love lounging by the heat source, and we love watching them take turns enjoying it.

My husband argues that they would love it more if they had a bear skin rug to lay on… Somebody save me!

As much as Nigel the wiener loves the fire, Natalie the hound loves it even more.

And if sitting by the fire is good, then surely sitting almost IN the fire would be better, right?

My husband actually snapped these photos as he watched her climbing up towards the fire.

Roasted Basset Hound anyone? Mmmmm, it’s a delicacy I hear.

Don’t worry Natalie, I’m just kidding. We would never serve you roasted…

Everyone knows Basset is only good battered and fried!

I’m kidding people, it’s a joke! We snapped the photo of her and made her get off the hearth. It was just too close for comfort. We even added a screen so she can no longer climb up so close to the fire.

We love our doggies. Nash is already warm I guess, he doesn’t want anything to do with the fire. But he’s sort of permanently fixed in “his” corner of the sofa.

That’s his, “Whatchu lookin’ at”, look.

I hope y’all keep your wieners warm!


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5 thoughts on “A warm wiener…

  1. Haha!! The priorities are pretty much the same here, except insert Scooby Snacks for Sweet Tea ; ) My two live for a warm fire and to be covered up by a nice warm blanket at night. These past few nights when it has been so cold, they have been snuggling under our covers!! Not spoiled too much ; )) So I totally get the need to keep your weiner warm : )

  2. Wait a minute, now…what kind of wieners are we talking about? Because I don’t have either kind. 😉 (Sorry about that…I guess my mind is in the gutter today.)

    Natalie is such a beautiful dog I can’t believe someone abused her! Great pics of all the dogs today!

  3. This one made me giggle. Ziggy is a total sucker for a hot fire, as well. In our case, it’s gas logs (we live in Houston, after all), but that doesn’t prevent him from trying to crawl into it like Natalie. We had to replace our old firescreen to keep him from rolling all the way into it. Now we have a sturdy steel screen that he can’t knock over or push into the fire. Must be a dog thing. Heard you’re getting pounded with cold weather, so hang in there and keep your weiner warm! Ooops…giggling again!

  4. PaigeNicole on said:

    V cute!

  5. Our little weenie, Nacho, loves to sleep with us under the covers at night! When we are watching TV, he has to be snuggled under the same blanket you are and buries his nose into you. We love our Nacho! He is so good with my 18 month-old and lets him do whatever to him. I have the sweetest photo of Brock laying his head on Nacho while taking a nap. They are best friends. They have this unspoken bond. Priceless. Just wait, you will soon see!

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