What a (pregnant) girl wants…

You know the old saying, “What a girl wants, is what a girl gets.”

Well, I have to say that my sweet husband has really made this saying come true. He’s always doted on me, but with the pregnancy an all-new level of pampering has arisen.

I’m a think-out-loud kind of person. If I’m working on something, I’ll say out-loud, “I need to move that there, then I’ll get this and those done.” Use to, if I did that, my hubby just ignored me and went on with his business. Now if he hears me, he jumps in, citing the doctor’s orders to rest and minimize my work-load.

There’s some guilt in just handing off all of my responsibilities to someone that is already over-burdened with work and responsibilities. But I’ve been encouraged by him, my mother, and all of my friends to take advantage of it while it lasts.

So perhaps I pushed the limits of what is acceptable last night? I suddenly wanted cherry pie sooooo bad. I mean I seriously thought there was no way I could go to bed last night if I didn’t get some cherry pie.

So I said that I was going to run to the grocery to grab a pie, which of course meant that my loving spouse said absolutely NOT. It’s 20 degrees out! The roads may have iced over! It’s too cold for you to be out! It’s late!

Then he says, “I’ll go.”

Am I a horrible pregnant woman for taking him up on his offer?

I REALLY needed cherry pie!!!

I have not cooked anything in 2 weeks, this was the first time my oven has even been heated up. I was so desperate for the pie that I thought I could power through the smell. And I did.

I had TWO helpings.

And strangely… my husband who never eats sweets, the guy who would rather eat steak over pretty much anything in the world…also ate pie last night. And had another piece for breakfast!

He swears that my crazy eating habits are rubbing off on him. But I don’t see him eating the same meal I had last week – Sharp cheddar cheese, sweet gherkin pickles and powdered donuts.

It was delicious by the way. But I haven’t eaten any of those things since that night. Maybe that’s how I’ll be about cherry pie too? Fulfill my craving once and never want it again.

Now if I could just stop wanting to hurl at the other 99.9% of the foods in the world… ugh.


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4 thoughts on “What a (pregnant) girl wants…

  1. Man, that pie looks good. And your sweet husband gets a big A+ for getting it for you and the baby last night. Should you feel guilty? Absolutely not. He’s right. It was cold and icy, and you shouldn’t be out in that. Better to stay home, bundled up, pre-heating the oven. I laughed out loud at cheese, gherkins and powdered donuts. Pregnancy does some weird things to you, doesn’t it? First the dreams, then the food sensitivity. After I got past 8 weeks of morning sickness, I craved guacamole, chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream, Malt-o-Meal and fried fish. Blame the hormones. I say stay home, stay healthy, and enjoy this special time of your life. And thanks for keeping us laughing!

  2. Ditto! NanaBread said it best.

    I have heard that some men get weird cravings, too, when their spouse is pregnant. Sounds like Mr. L&V is PG, too!

    Enjoy, you two! Keep us posted. We love sharing your special time with you.

  3. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Guilt, shmilt! It’s your time to be pampered and waited on! Indulge, and have a ball! Lots of bet wishes to you!!! 🙂

  4. I say “A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!” You need to do whatever it is your body is telling you to do right now, and if it can actually tolorate eating some pie, then eat some pie! I know with the rest of the foods turning your tummy, you need something to sound and smell good!

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