Ice Ice Baby…

If any of you have checked the news this morning, Ice-lanta seems to be the next most interesting thing to talk about beside Minnesota’s blizzard.

We knew it was going to be bad last night when my husband walked on the back deck and slid 4 feet. You would think he would have remembered that when he walked out front to walk the dog, but oooooh no…he didn’t. He slid down our front stairs.

He claims it wouldn’t have been all that bad, but he was carrying precious cargo – Nigel the wiener dog. So he had to pull Nigel in close to him and roll to the side to ensure Nigel didn’t get hurt. In turn, he twisted his shoulder and hit the base of his back on every step on his way down. Boom, boom, boom.

It isn’t funny (snicker), that my big strong man (giggle) fell flat on his hiney (tee hee) as he tried to protect his little baby weenie dog (HA). Okay, it’s a tiny bit funny. He came in crying, “Ooooooooooh. Ooooooowwwwwww. Oooooooh. Whoooooa.” I tried to be sympathetic, but I accidentally said, “Um, you knew it was icy, right? Why didn’t you hold on to the hand rail? Or put salt out?”

Oh how it’s soooooo stupid when someone else falls, but if it had been ME I would have wanted all kinds of sympathy and hugs and a heating pad. What did my husband get? Ridicule, teasing, and a shot of whiskey.

Men get the raw end of the deal don’t they???


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5 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby…

  1. I am one of those people that just can’t help laughing when I see someone fall. It just kills me everytime! Even family members aren’t safe from the laughing, they actually may get it worse. I have warned people for years, should they fall, I will laugh but I will be hoping that they aren’t hurt too. Thankfully, they are all aware of it, and love me anyway ; ) Why is it so funny??

  2. The first thing I thought was that your hubby is going to make an awesome Daddy! If he would sacrifice himself that way for a dog, now granted it IS Nigel….but you know what I mean…he is going to be an awesome Daddy! And at least he got to have a shot of whiskey after he fell, right?

  3. Hey, you gotta protect your weiner, hahaha!!!

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Poor guy! But I’d be laughing my a** off too!

  5. My husband says, “A shot of whiskey ain’t bad.”

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