Christmas is officially over

Welp, it’s official… Christmas is over.

My husband put away all of my favorite holiday ornaments today.

Including my beloved collection of Barbie ornaments.

Oh how I love Barbie. When I was a kid I had all things Barbie – a Barbie mansion, a Barbie RV, a Barbie Corvette, a Barbie closet that could travel with me, a Barbie horse, and my sister had a Barbie McDonald’s. Oh how I love Barbie!!!!

Growing up, my across-the-street neighbor and I would make my Barbie and her doll named Derrick kiss, and Derrick would ask Barbie to marry him. And Barbie always said NO! “Derrick, you know I am SO busy with all of my horses, I don’t have time for a husband.”

I’ve always wondered where in the world we came up with that story-line. But then I remembered my neighbor’s daughter once playing in the grass with her baby doll. The little girl was about 3, she had the doll on her back and was pushing on her stomach and groaning and moaning “Ooooooooooh! Whoa-oh-oh?”. I finally asked, “Ivey, what are you doing to your doll?” Ivey smiled and lifted up the doll’s dress as she explained to me, “She’s having a baby!” She had a smaller doll shoved under her dress that she was easing out of the doll’s skirt.

Maybe I wasn’t weird for making my Barbie too busy for boys. Ivey’s mother explained that they had been watching a television show about childbirth, she didn’t think about how her daughter would utilize this information.

Finally, the sure-fire way to know Christmas is officially over?

Our driveway is empty now. No more snow-covered, family vehicles to make it feel like we’re all home for the holiday.

I already miss everyone, I really miss my mom and sister cooking up food that I don’t have to touch, see, or for the most part smell. Thank goodness for the left-over macaroni & cheese, otherwise I don’t know what I would have eaten this week…


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5 thoughts on “Christmas is officially over

  1. I loved Barbie, too, but I must be older than you. I came along before the Barbie mansion, Corvette, etc. We used an old shoe box for Barbie’s “car”. I did have the Barbie “wardrobe”, though – the black one with Barbie wearing a pink dress on the front. It’s funny how just looking at pictures of those old Barbie outfits can take me right back in time!
    It is kind of sad when Christmas is over…..

  2. What’s up with husbands? Mine asked today if it was time to throw away the Christmas tree.

    I said “No way!” I refuse to call it a season until the new year is here.

    When do most people take all the holiday stuff down?

    • Marsha on said:

      We put our decorations & tree up the day after Thanksgiving and we take it all down the day after Christmas including the fake tree (my husband claims that he & our son both are allergic to the real tree although I saw no decrease in allergy problems while we lived in TX – only remarkable decrease since we moved to North GA, home to many a conifer!)

  3. You had a Barbie mansion, Corvette AND HORSE??? I’m sorry but I can’t be friends with you anymore. I do love that Barbie ornament, though… 😉

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    I loved Barbie too, but I loved my plastic horses better!
    We are taking down our tree and all the decorations tomorrow……then it will look all weird in here for a while till we get used to it again! Happy New Year to you, glad you have some mac and cheese to get you through!!!

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