Thank you notes

When I was a kid, the very best part of Christmas was of course all the gifts. (I do realize that at 6-years-old I didn’t have my priorities straight regarding the beauty of family coming together, and appreciation for the birth of Jesus, nor did I really appreciate all of the hours devoted to the cookies which I consumed). But I did totally, absolutely, positively love Christmas morning.

Here’s what I didn’t love…a few days later my mother would start in on me about my thank you cards.

“Santa gave you stationary in your stocking. What did you do with it?”

“You need to write two thank you notes tonight, and then you’ll only have 8 more to go!”

“No, you can not watch ‘Silver Spoons’ until you finish those thank you notes.”

UGH!!!!!!! But as an adult, I still abide by my mother’s lesson, and I always write a hand written thank you note for gifts. It feels polite and genuine to thank someone in a note.

And you can rest assured that the first note sent is always to my mother!!!

This year mom and dad gave me the coolest thing. It is equipment to embroider paper, which I plan to use to make pretty and unique cards. This was my first attempt, and I think it turned out really cute. As I get better at this I’ll share more with you guys.

So just a reminder from my mother:

“It’s already a week after Christmas. It’s most polite to get your thank you notes mailed within two weeks of receiving the gift!”

Thanks mom.


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4 thoughts on “Thank you notes

  1. I love the idea of embroidered cards! I may have to try it. Tell your mother thanks for me. Oh, wait. I should write her a personal thank you note. Can you send me her address (wink)? I agree that nothing beats a handwritten note. It’s a rare and beautiful thing.

    PS – loved the Silver Spoons flashback!

  2. This took me right back to my Mom telling me the same thing!! I remember her saying the same things, and feeling just the way you did. I still send little notes and cards throughout the year to people. It just takes a minute but means sooooo much.

  3. Ha! Thanks, Mom!

    I’m a firm believer in thank you notes, also. But at Christmas I admit I get a little lax and if I can’t say thank you in person I say it over the phone. (I hope your Mom isn’t reading this!) 😉 I do think thank you cards are a lost art, though and I’m glad there are others out there who still send genuine ones.

  4. Thank you for the Pecan tassies! They were (keyword) delicious!

    My mom told me the very same thing while I was growing up. I passed that trait on to my daughter, too. That is something you’ll get to gently remind your little one to do in a few years from now! A full circle moment. You’ll have millions of those during your amazing journey into parenthood.

    Happy New Year!

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