Things don’t matter

Things are just things.

Things don’t bring happiness, because they are just things.

It’s the people, pets, adventures, and memory making that bring happiness, not things.

Things don’t matter. Things don’t matter. (I’m saying this mantra so I don’t cry). Things don’t matter.

It’s a great philosophy that things don’t matter, perhaps I’m shallow because some things matter very much to me!

Some things I really do love, I hold them near to my heart. I can remember the moment I attained that certain thing and it makes me smile.

And if that certain something has a Burberry label, it becomes even more valuable to me. It means it is a special occasion item.

An item purchased in Santa Monica during a business a trip. A business trip 5 years ago, a time that I happen to receive very big news concerning my career. I had been promoted! I would be returning to my office and starting a brand-new job at a higher level, a higher pay…this meant a celebration was in order.

So I drove myself in my little rental car to the Santa Monica promenade, found a sunglass shop and went directly to the shades I had seen in a magazine and drooled over for months. This was one of the few times I did not even look at the price tag, I knew I would love these sunglasses forever. And to be clear, even five years later, I still adore these specks.

These sunglasses have been one of the very best purchases I have ever made for myself. They are super comfortable, they match anything, they were the perfect shade of brown to wear most anytime of day, they were great for the beach or pool because they could get wet without any issues.

Sadly, I must have left them on the table by our sofa… the table that a certain basset hound has been known to search for snacks or chew toys. All I know is my husband found Natalie chewing on my beloved “thing”, he was laughing as he brought them to me:

“Natalie has been bad again.”

My reply was that of a woman who has completely given up on having anything nice with 3 dogs and a baby on the way…”Okay, whatever.”

Him: “Are you mad? If Nash did this you would want to get rid of him!”

Me: “Nah. It sucks, but she really doesn’t know better. Just get her a chewy please so she doesns’t find something else to ruin…”

Shopping List for Wal-Mart:

Dog chew bones

Cheapo sunglasses

Migraine medicine

Something chocolate


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6 thoughts on “Things don’t matter

  1. I’ll bet she looked cute chewing them. Sorry though……..

  2. Aw…..”special” things DO matter! I would keep the sunglasses – just because of the wonderful memories that are associated with them.

  3. You might be able to contact the company and see if they have a pair somewhere!!! Oh my, I know your heart aches for the loss, but they are just things. The memories are the real treasures! And sooner or later Drew would have gotten ahold of them anyway. It’s kids or dogs that get to the good stuff, then you realize THEY are the good stuff!! ; )

  4. Wow, such a bummer. I will admit I would’ve been mad at the dog, but then again, my New Year’s resolution is to be more laid-back and not sweat the small stuff. So I like to think I’d be just like you and say, “Whatever.” 😉

  5. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Darn pup! You have a good attitude though; take a deep breath and carry on!! 🙂

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