Thanks a lot…

I was craving brownies.

So I made a boxed brownie mix.

Then I ate a brownie and felt like I might die.

I didn’t die…

Which left me very much alive today to make the decision to eat, or not to eat another brownie.

Would you like to guess what decision I made?

Yes, I ate another brownie.

And now I have something I’ve never experienced in my life…

Acid Reflux!

Seriously? Acid Reflux? Because I ate a brownie?

This is cruel and unusual punishment, and I want to know why none of you warned me about this fun little pregnancy tidbit.

I guess it could be worse…at least I keep tasting brownie instead of something nasty like halibut.

Thanks a lot…

For nothin’!!!!


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12 thoughts on “Thanks a lot…

  1. Well, I never had acid reflux when I was pregnant with my son. Oh, and by the way, I’ve always heard it’s worse if you’re carrying a girl!
    (Oops? Have you already posted what sex your baby will be? I’m still catching up on your blog!)

  2. Uhhhh…I don’t remember having acid reflux when I was pregnant, but that was 28 years ago! Seriously, though…I don’t recall that being a problem. What can you take for acid relux when you’re pregnant? It’s a good question. Ginger? Tums? Ice cream with hot fudge sauce?

  3. whatevs….i believe i told you all about the heartburn….i think i might have even told you some of the remedies…..and p.s. it is not the brownie that gave you heartburn….its the baby….when i was preggers i got heartburn whether i ate anything or not, even if i only drank a glass of water….it will all be worth it when that sweet baby is here

  4. EmmyJune on said:

    I had awful heartburn with my son, almost none with my daughter (and they both had hair at birth too, that’s an old wives’ tale). Get yourself some Tums and have them with you at all times!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that i’m not pregnant and I ALWAYS get heartburn/acid reflux from box mix brownies!

  6. Kristal on said:

    I have bad news. Maybe no one told you this: pregnacy=bad gas. No gettin’ away from it. Water gave me heartburn when I was pregnant, too. Miserable. It probably will just come and go, so don’t lose heart. Congrats! My husband likes to say that pregnancy is like hosting an alien.

  7. I had it horribly with Julia – not so bad this time around. You can also have Zantac, just go with the lower dose (75 I think) and it helps almost immediately and lasts longer than Tums.

  8. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    I don’t remember having it with my kids, but they are 31 and 33 now! Glad the tums work for you, and hopefully this will go away very soon! 🙂

  9. Oh the list of things that you will say “why didn’t anyone warm me about this part of pregnancy” is as long as the “why didn’t anyone tell me this about military spouse life” LOL! Actually, I think there is a book called A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy””, or something like that. It will tell you all the things that you’ll want to be warned about but most people just don’t tell you about! It’s worth a read, just to get a heads up for the next 6 1/2 months!!!! Tums are your new BFF!!

  10. Oh Sweety,
    I didn’t know you could take Tums when you were pregnant! There are different foods for everyone. I couldn’t eat pizza at all – bad reflux. Never had morning sickness.
    BUT – this is gross…don’t scroll down if you get sick

    I had cold sores that covered both lips AND 1/2 my chin! coworkers thought someone had punched me!
    Oh, you may be exhausted until the 5th month and THEN you should have tons of energy. Rest when you need to and make sure you get plenty of healthy food. The baby’s central nervous system forms in the first trimester and is composed primarily of fat (at least that’s what the dean of our Medical School told me).
    On Chocolate, I do recall that I lost a box of Frango Chocolates…I’ve never lost chocolate in my life to that point. So it mustn’t have agreed with me.

    Hang in there. If I think of other stuff I’ll write. Just remember, you really won’t recall much of this once you have your precious child.

  11. I never had heartburn/acid reflux in my life until I was pregnant. Mine got so bad, I would actually wake up at night toward end of pregnancy choking and gasping and was placed on prescription. It was awful but my whole pregnancy was awful. I wish I could go back and make myself enjoy it because I actually miss being pregnant. I miss feeling the first flutters then kicks. Brock loved music. From the very beginning, I would play classical music or sing to him and he would always reward me with a movement! When I got further along, we would put headphones on stomach and then watch my belly as it moved up and down and a foot would kick up here and a hand would push up there; it was amazing and I miss it! And I just have to say, War Eagle! National Champions! (Sorry, I live in Auburn and enjoying our victory!)

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