I’m beginning to think that I have moved to a frozen tundra. The arctic perhaps. This is our house this morning, and we are expecting more snow and ice as the day progresses.

I’ll be honest, I really love seeing the snow. I feel like a little kid inside, excited and thrilled.

Nigel has a different opinion. There is no thrill in his little heart. There is loathing and hatred, but no excitement.

Let’s just say that he refused to potty outside, and we ultimately spent a few minutes cleaning up after the little hater.

The best part of the snow down here is that it’s novel every time it shows up. We never get used to having snow around.

What that means…

The inner-child comes out in all of us!

We walked down to the sledding hill to watch all of the kids race down the slick road.

Instead we found adults risking it all as they flew through the snow.

Of course, the younger kids seems to spin and flip far more often. They could just hop up, dust off, and run up the hill to do it again.

For us older kids, a lift to the top of the hill was much appreciated. The best part of living out in the country, lots of folks have ATV’s to serve as the perfect sledding lift.

I couldn’t get a good photo of this, but our favorite thing to watch was an ATV with a large inflatable raft carrying screaming girls around the neighborhood. It was truly hilarious.

And my husband bought me these über-cute snow boots last year, so I had a great excuse to wear them outside. 8″ of snow warrants snow boots! Right???

The best news of all? We haven’t lost our satellite connection! Yay, bad TV on a snow day…nothing better. And what a relief because a certain husband around here won’t let me do anything for fear of hurting his baby.


He even brought the truck down to the sledding hill so I wasn’t standing outside too long. It’s sweet, but I wanted to sled down that hill!!!


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8 thoughts on “Snnnnnnnoooowwwww!!!!!!

  1. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Sounds fun! We were suppose to get some white stuff here in WA state.,but looks like it will bypass us ……I want it!!! Good for your hubs taking good sweet care of you! Poor Nigel, no yellow snow for him!

  2. Love your house. It is so pretty with the snow.we have about 2 inches too :).

  3. Fun! Your house is really nice…I love the symmetry and I love that you have a porch. I’ve always wanted a porch with a swing on it. 🙂 Maybe one day.

    Your hubby is so sweet protecting his baby…let him do it now because once the baby is here it’s “good-bye” to any rest for Mommy! Hope you’re feeling good.

  4. That’s so funny that you caught that one person with their feet up in the air (6th picture down)!!
    Don’t worry: you’ll have plenty of years ahead of you to sled with your little one!


  5. That snow is gorgeous! I wish we could get it down here in Houston, but it’s not to be. Your snow boots are super cute! Bet Nigel wishes HE had a pair (or two?). He’s looking mighty handsome in his sweater.

  6. Kristal on said:

    I live in the tundra and our little dog insists that the yard be snow blown down to the grass or he drops his “tootsie rolls” in front of the back door. Good luck!!

  7. Apparently I should have talked to you before we moved to Georgia. We were under the assumption that we wouldn’t need our boots, gloves, snowpants, sleds, etc. so we gave them all to charity prior to moving. We figured we had made the right move when the movers made fun of the fact that we brought our winter coats with us. But, so far since our move, we have had at least 3 snow events that would have warranted those items!

    Also, it is not keeping the kids from trying to enjoy themselves outside. But since they don’t have the correct gear….all they did was bring the wetness and whininess in and out …..and in and out with them all day yesterday!!! 😉

    Your husband is just adorable. Let me say to enjoy all the ways he is pampering you now before Drew comes along….because the pampering isn’t so complete the next time(s) around!!!

  8. Marsha on said:

    We had the same problem with our geriatric little dog. He hasn’t taken to the snow at all & my husband had to clear a path in the snow for him to make it to his potty spot in the pine straw. I’m just glad he notifies us when he’s ready to go.

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