Surprise! 5 Days together…

Picture this… I have a big Cheshire-cat smile plastered on my face. I’m wearing pajamas for the 5th day in a row (not the same pj’s all 5 days, I put on clean pj’s every day!!!), along with fluffy pink socks. I have a weenie dog on my left hip, a basset on my right and a heeler under my feet. And don’t forget the pile of blankets I have heaped upon my lap.

Now that you have the visual, let me tell you what’s going on in my home. Remember the 7.5″ of snow we got on Sunday? Now it is compressed into about 4″ of ice. What does this mean?

It means my husband has not been to work this week.

Still have the plastic smile on my face.

It also means that we have cleaned up all bathroom activity from the pretty, pretty princess – Nigel the weenie dog. He refuses to go outside. We have shoveled out a place for him to go, he just stands there and shivers. We bring him inside, 30 seconds later there is pee and poo on my floor waiting for me to clean.

Plastic smile still plastered on my face.

It means that I have not been out of my house since Sunday. The dogs never leave my side because I guess I put out more body heat than my thin husband. That makes me feel beautiful… I’m fat and pregnant and producing loads of warmth for the dogs to benefit from. Great.

Plastic smile fading.

Did I mention that being pregnant makes me want weird things? I HATE hot dogs. Loathe perhaps explains my feelings better. I can’t tolerate their smell, the texture, they have this weird skin on the outside….BLECH!!!!

Oddly, last night, I wanted a grilled hot dog really, really badly. So my loving husband prepared a grilled hot dog, outside in the 16 degree temperatures and 4″ of ice. I did eat an entire hot dog, and it was truly gross. But I ate it. My husband ate three.

Plastic smile is now molded into a grimace.

Do you know what three hot dogs, coupled with baked beans and seasoned french fries, does to a man’s system? Let’s just say…I was ready for him to go to work today!

And do you know what pregnancy does to a woman’s body? Couple it with a hot dog, baked beans and seasoned french fries? Let’s just say…there will be no romance between me and my husband during our surprise 5 days together.

Grimace is now a pouty face.

I have cabin fever. I am tired of hanging out in my pajamas. I’m pretty sick of being nothing more than a heat source for the dogs. And I really would like to have my stomach issues in private. But alas, I am so lucky that my husband has been home since Friday night to keep me company.

I hope all of you are having as great a week as I am having!


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5 thoughts on “Surprise! 5 Days together…

  1. I think you should go back to watch those Bravo shows that you used to love. They will make you feel so good about yourself 🙂

  2. Hmmmm. I’m hoping for your sake (and the hubby’s and the dogs’) that the ice thaws quickly!


  3. Hubby BBQ’d outside in 16 degrees? What an AMAZING guy you have! He has my “Father/Hubby-of the-year” vote already!

    My hubby just went back to work today after a 12 day stacation. I had to go back to work on Monday. “Back to normal” stinks! Enjoy your time together!

  4. Marsha on said:

    Enjoy your time together. My husband has been working at home for the past 3 days since he’s not keen on driving on the iced over back roads to get to the GA 400. My teen son who decided last winter that he hates snow is going crazy with cabin fever. Doesn’t understand why we won’t let him drive/slide our Corolla down the hill so he can escape to visit friends! Fortunately, our dog is cooperating now by taking it outside although it all seems to be right by the back door.

  5. Oh I am SOOO hearing you!! This is me high-fiving you!! I am ready for “The Big Thaw of 2011”. When is that?? Will a blowdryer work?? Can I pull the sun in PLEASE!!! People in Hawaii… want to trade a little really fun snow for some sun??? Anyone??? PLEASE??? Just let in thaw…….

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