Tough Decisions

Decisions in my life have become increasingly difficult over recent months. With the anticipation of adding another life to our home, I am burdened by the power of over-analysis.

Should we start a college fund now, or would that money be better served preparing our child for college through extra-curricular activities earlier in his or her life?

Are we in the best school district in our area?

At what age should we take Drew to Disney World for the first time?

And most importantly, and the question that has been keeping me up at night…

Which diaper bag should I get?

The function of a diaper bag is pretty straight forward. It holds diapers. Well, it holds bottles too, and wipes, and keys and cell phones and gum wrappers and receipts and lip gloss and whatever else I used to keep in my purse which I will now place in the diaper bag.

And let’s be honest, a diaper bag can define your style as a mother! If it’s too frumpy, your kids will just never respect that you can actually identify with what’s going on with today’s youth. And if it’s too trendy, surely everyone will see that you’re trying WAY too hard to be hip.

So the search begins:

Maybe BoHo is the way to go?

It’s practical, versatile, chic. It’s cool without trying. And it’s neutral so it will match anything.

But this is so cheerful and happy. Maybe I won’t mind changing a doody diaper at the mall if I get to use this super fun diaper bag.

Wouldn’t this look cute with jeans and black top? It’s loud without being obnoxious.

I think I could rock this bag. But I would have to be careful with my stroller selection to ensure this bag would match. If I had the wrong stroller it could make the bag go totally awry!

Now this… this is it. It matches most anything. It’s a cute shape. It’s trendy without being too fad-heavy. It’s classic with a twist.

This is my bag. I must make it mine. But let’s be realistic…I’ll change my mind by the end of the day.

I’ll change my mind because the health and well-being of my child could depend on this. I must carry the perfect diaper bag to ensure his or her happiness in life!

Am I being a bit dramatic??? I am loving this phase of preparing for baby. You think I’m obsessing about the diaper bag, don’t even get me started on the crib!!!


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6 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. mommytothree on said:

    Get a couple that you love… and a mini one, too. That way you always have just the right bag to suit your mood or the outing!! 🙂

  2. It’s been MANY years since I used a diaper bag, so I am totally out of touch. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision; but I agree with the previous comment: get more than one!
    But I really like the one in your last photo….


  3. I love this post! As the grandmother of 2 young cuties, I have enjoyed the heck out of spoiling them. I’d love to give you my two cents about what we’ve loved in the area of baby products, and some financial advice. Here goes!

    1. Baby stroller/car seat/infant carrier travel system – the best is the Chicco Cortina series. You can see them at Babies R Us at this link. Pricey, but awesome and has worn VERY well through two g-babies.

    2. Diaper bags – get at least two. One for you to carry that holds everything, one in a neutral, manly tone that your husband will feel comfortable carrying, and one smaller for “quick trips” that require less stuff and and won’t drag you down. LOVE the one you picked (your last photo). And you could use is as a shopping tote when Drew is older. It’s a definite keeper.

    3. Bumbo chairs and Boppee pillows – a must; get one of each

    4. Start a college fund NOW. You can never start too soon. We started ours when My Baby was an infant, and we deposited every work bonus, all tax refunds, and all my paychecks when I started working again directly into her account. Was it tough not to spend that money on other things? You betcha. Did we suffer? No. Was it worth it? Totally. We paid for 5 years of college at UT in Austin, her first car and her wedding from that fund AND we had money leftover after the wedding, so we used it to go to Europe for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was an awesome trip, and a great way to celebrate our accomplishment. Best of all, we were able to provide all of these things without accruing any debt whatsoever, paid cash for everything, and had some bonus money in the end. It was BY FAR the best thing we ever did for our child.

    Last bit of advice – relax. You’re going to be an awesome mother, Alex!

  4. Alex! (sorry I got so wordy 😦 )
    You have 3 really smart followers ahead of me. Ditto to all the advice – I think the Boho bag is good for Daddy.

    I will comment on Extra-Curricular Activities: Let Drew choose what he likes. Make him try different things – but he will ultimately claim his passion. We made the mistake of letting 1st Born focus on Football, we ate, drank, slept, Football. I was Pres of the TD Club By Gosh By Golly – a role formerly held only by Males.

    The result was that although we sent him to Wash U. and paid for it (pause)…nothing on earth will make him big enough or fast enough to play after college. His journey continues…

    Now Le Bebe – my 2nd son comes along 9 years later. I rolled a ball to him and he just looked at me like I was the dumbest creature alive. However, by the time he was 2 he had memorized The Phantom of the Opera & Les Mis. He also wrestled (oh the horror, ulcers), did children’s theatre, Boxing (which he absolutely LOVED) and is now a sophomore in HS living in Los Angeles teaching acting and trying to “make it”.

    The “college” fund is coming in really handy for that.

    Also – neither one of my kids ever wanted to go to DisneyLand or World. BUT, we did CedarPoint in Sandusky, OH and stayed inside the park at a resort. WORTH every cent. We had a blast! The NFL Hall of Fame also gives you a huge Bang for your $$$. Not so much the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    And let’s not forget Thomas the Train – he ruled too!
    Also, Le Bebe – the actor, has decided he wants to play HS football.
    If you had told me this when he was 4, you could have smacked me on the * and called me Suzy!

    Drew will be himself! And he will be wonderful – just like his parents. I am so happy and excited for you. You’re going to do a good job. And it’s ok to worry. We moms are so good at it. But try to have some special “couple” times before Drew moves in. The next 18 years are going to fly by in a blink.

    Hugs, Ellen

  5. I laughed when I read your post because I remember being there not too long ago! It was difficult for me to find a diaper bag that I liked. I would define my style as classic/simple. I don’t like trendy, florals, wild prints, or too much color. I love neutrals(Well, I have started to branch out a little with color since becoming a mom and loosen up but that is another story!) I searched for a diaper bag high and low but could not find one that I liked or thought my style until my sister surprised me at my baby shower with a large brown leather/canvas coach diaper bag. I LOVE it! My bug a boo will be twenty months tomorrow and diaper bag still looks new. It has held up very well. After we grow out of it for him, I will still be able to use it for myself. Honestly though, at the end of the day, I could care less what bag I have. I wanted everything brand new and perfect but now, I gladly accept hand me downs from friends and welcome them with open arms. Somehow, you are happy and satisfied with anything and all that matters is your little one! Heads up, Ebay and Amazon are amazing tools for finding amazing deals on baby items. I found the cutest carseat on ebay. It was a Britax roundabout in cowmooflage …adorable. It was a fraction of the store price and it was only used a couple of times. A grandmother bought the seat for her grandchild to use when at her house and never even looked like it was sat in!
    Also, I joined a breastfeeding support group and still am really close to the mothers I met there today. We have playdates, celebrate birthdays together, and throw holiday parties for our little ones, even though they are too young right now to remember any of it! Anyway, my point in that story was to say that we swap things between us. If one of our kids outgrows a certain toy or outfit, we pass it around for someone else to use. So, it is like our kids get new toys or clothes every couple of weeks at times. Mommy groups are a great resource to utilize!
    And the crib?? Let’s just say, we are now only starting to use it! We co-sleep with our bug a boo. I breastfed so it was what worked best for me during the nights so I could get some rest. Only now do I wish that he would sleep in his crib more instead of sleeping up all on me and kicking me throughout the night! So the perfect nursery that I had to have? Barely used!
    Ok, my final advice for you right now would be to find a photographer for newborn photos! I looked through I don’t know how many professional photographers websites to find inspiration for photos that I wanted to capture. I wrote down what I wanted and found an amazing photographer who delivered everything I wanted!

  6. Marsha on said:

    Alex, definitely start the college fund now. Don’t depend on the Hope being there by the time your little bundle graduates high school. We started our son’s fund when we were back in TX and when we moved to GA, my hubby thought the combined benefit of our fund & the Hope would give him more choices if he attended college in GA. He graduates this year & I’m glad we started that college acct when he was young. Our only regret is not starting before he was born!

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