Way too much Wally

I ventured out today to do a bit of shopping. I needed more than basic groceries, to include the most exciting of all shopping items – cleaning supplies. Everything from Windex to Easy Off, I had a list as long as my arm. So…Wally World was my shopping location of choice.

I find that I have to “justify” why I shop at Wally World to myself. I’m not sure why I feel this way – they have great produce, good prices on house supplies, decent selection on boxed and canned goods…why wouldn’t I shop there? I don’t care for their meats, but sodas and toilet tissue are cheaper there than anywhere.

But I miss shopping at the other chains that are brightly lit, with wide aisles and soft therapeutic music playing in the background. I miss hearing someone say, “My pleasure,” when I say thank you. And I really miss being one of the few people in the store, instead of fighting my way down each row of well-priced grocery goods.

As I’m analyzing all of this today, I searched for the best price on energy drinks, when a lady that works at Wally World walks by and says, “Hey there!”. She and I had a discussion several weeks ago about working retail, especially through the holidays, and how often she could be found at my local store rather than being at home with her 4 children. Her husband, a truck driver, had been laid off from his job. She was trying to make up for the loss of his pay check by working retail, and had to work two jobs because neither retailer would allow her to work full-time.

Then as I wheeled into line to check out, the cashier in the aisle next to me says, “Oh no, not you again!” We both chuckle. I tease him back, “You’ll notice that I didn’t go through your slow-poke line to today!” The other cashiers join in the jeering, as do the other customers in line. Within minutes there were 10 of us smiling and laughing as we bag our groceries.

Another woman and I walked out at the same time, chatting about the weather changes we’re anticipating this week. We laughed at the small Honda with the Rottweiler barking his head off and jumping all around the car, which was parked next to a huge 4×4 truck with 3 little Miniature-Pinchers barking through the cracked windows. Just seemed like the wrong dogs were in each car, the Rotty should have been in the big ol’ truck!

It struck me that:

1. If I know the cashiers at Wally World, I probably spend way too much time there.

2. If the most socializing I do in a week is in the check-out line of Wally World, I really should consider joining a club or something.

3. There’s a lot of other women like me… and they all seem to hang out a the Wally World.

Are any of y’all Wally World Women?


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11 thoughts on “Way too much Wally

  1. Ha! Can’t believe they recognized you! I LOVE Wally World’s prices…can’t beat ’em, but I know what you mean about the crowds. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes. 🙂 A club wouldn’t be a bad idea, though. 😉 😉 😉

  2. Take my advice: don’t go NEAR that store on the first day of the month!!! Talk about crowds! 😦


  3. Meghan on said:

    Oh ya, I go in there for just a “few” things and walk out spending a $100.00! Ha!

  4. There are times that one MUST avoid Wally World. Fridays, period. 3 days prior to ANY holiday. 1st, 15th or 30th of the month. Any weekday from 5pm-8pm, and any weekend from 10am-8pm. Other than that…it’s a great place to shop! And I have to admit, they know me at my Wally World because I really do go there every week, and the cashiers in my small town are always the same. My store must have the lowest turn over in employees of any other store in the world. I mock myself for enjoying WM so much because I use to be way snobbier about where I shopped. But now, with a tighter budget and a smaller town, it’s my home away from home!

  5. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    I love shopping at WM, the prices are great! My few things usually turns in to a few more, but at their prices, that’s ok!!

  6. Pat Luther on said:

    Your Uncle Butch used to say that the manager of the Statesboro Wal-Mart would call him to see if the girls or I were sick if he didn’t see us every 3 days or so. As you get older and your budget is more limited you spend much more time there.

  7. I have to say, I’m a Super Target girl more than a Wally girl. Mainly because our local WM is a mess. It’s always crowded, parking is ridiculous, the shelves are disheveled, and there’s something weird going on. It’s mind-boggling to me how there can be 100 kids running around screaming like wild animals, but only 6 adults in the store. I think there’s a secret “drop-off daycare” society at my local WalMart. It’s kind of weird. My Target store is a zen garden compared to that WM. I’ve been in other WM stores that are quiet lovely, mine is just not one of them, sadly. And I gave up my Sam’s Club card years ago for one simple reason – I’d walk in to buy one box of trash bags, and walk out with $500 worth of stuff. I’m not a compulsive shopper, but I couldn’t stop myself in that store. It was like crack to me.

  8. I used to always shop at Wal-mart for the low prices but lately I get so frustrated whenever I go. It is always crowded no matter what time of day you go and I can never find a parking space. I always caught myself inwardly yelling at people when I had to make a mad dash into the store on my lunch break and had to park out in timbuktu.. “Doesn’t anyone work in this town? Must be nice to spend all day at Wal-mart!” Yes, I’m bitter about having to work full-time, lol. On top of that, I have a very good friend who is against Wal-mart and their practices over seas and how they treat their workers over there. After listening to her for weeks on end about all the injustices and how I should not support such an establishment, I now shop at Target and do grocery shopping at Kroger and Publix. Well, I still every now and then do run by Wal-mart.. I just don’t tell my friend 🙂

  9. All I have to say about WM is:


    You have been warned.

  10. As a grocery clerk myself it’s good to know you have a connection with your grocery clerk. It makes the transaction go a lot smoother and makes grocery shopping fun! I like how you guys would all get together for a laugh.. feels like a bar atmosphere.

  11. Hi there,
    coming out of lurking to say there are plenty of reasons to not shop at WM. They have horrendous working conditions at the factories they out source to over seas. They have a track record & lawsuits against them for discriminating against women. They will not let their workers organize to ask for things like better benefits or working conditions. From personal experience I can tell you that in Mexico their stores (called Aurerra) pay workers $50 for a 6 day work week, typical days are from 6am-11pm, they discriminate against hiring married women preferring younger women, will fire them if they get pregnant… The list goes on & on. The reason prices are so cheap is because of ruthless, cut throat business practices that prey on the most vulnerable. It’s not what people like to hear but it’s the truth. My point is that there are plenty of reasons not to shop there & sometimes people aren’t aware of what actually goes on. Now at least 1 more person knows.

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